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 2012: Not with a bang
"A Christian Manifesto"
"A Song for Simeon"
A Crash of Symbols
A Few Minutes with Irina
A personal note: This blog is not dead!
A Voice to Be Remembered
An Unexpected Statement
Another Christian Warrior
Another great fight
Another TSA Sexual Assault
Birthday of a Hero
"I can't believe we made it"
Christian refugees get the Obama boot
Christmas greetings from Saeed
Corrie Remembers
Council of Europe Planning Crackdown on Christians
Dick and Jane Meet the TSA
"Don't Talk to the Police"
Earth Day, 2016

Fight of the Year
From Canada, a heroine
"Gay" Hate Crime in Seattle
Google Ignores Easter
"Independence Day" in America, 2015
"It's already been gotten right!"
 Jerry Clower: a Bible thumper
Jerry Clower: Bird Hunting at Uncle Versie's
Jerry Clower: frivolous lawsuits
Jerry Clower: Rat Killin'
Jerry Clower: Talkin' Dog
Jerry Clower: The Chauffeur and the Professor
Jerry Clower: Uncle Versie & the Gambler
Jimmy Wilde: the greatest of them all
Just another day in America
Keep Christ in Christmas?
Mandela: Death of a Terrorist
Manny Pacquiao: a Spiritual Awakening
Memorandum: to the Supreme Court of the United States
Miss USA vs. the Police State
Miss USA vs. the Police State, Part II
Mormons, Muslims, and 9/11
News of the Day, 3.13.13
News of the Day, 6.21.13
News of the Day, 7.6.13
News of the Day, 7.21.13
News of the Day, 11.26.13
News of the Day: Animal Edition
No Words Necessary
North Korea Imprisons Australian Missionary
Not-so-great moments in boxing
Obama's War on Christianity Continues
Pagan Doomsayers Blow It Again
Papa, Don't Preach
Pastor Suta: from violence to victory
Planned Non-Parenthood: slavery was never this monstrous
Political Child Abuse
Possible Successors to Benedict XVI
Popular expressions that I despise
Postscript to "GMB"
Sherlock Holmes vs. the Mormons
"Simeon's Triumph"
Sodom, Gomorrah, and the United States of America
"Stomp on Jesus!"
"Stomp on Jesus!" UPDATE
Stop CISPA Now!
Stop watching us!
Supreme Court Refuses Christian Refugee Family
The beautiful killer
The Christian and Depression
The Flow of Materialism
The Gospel Singer
The "Grace" of Abortion
The Lady and the Weevil
The noble muscadine
"The Prodigal Son"
The story of New Echota
The ultimate Sherlock Holmes
The warrior
The World's Biggest Hypocrite?
Update: Presidential Election Predictions
Urgent Update: Saeed Abedini
Victory: North Korea Releases John Short
When preachers actually preached....
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Wyatt Earp, Referee