Israel and Islam

13 too young? Nah, lash her anyway!
"A God Who Hates"
A Friend for Israel
A Simple Act of Justice
A Tree Grows in Israel
Ah, Those Black-Eyed Virgins
America ALREADY paying Muslim extortion
"Anywhere but Israel"
Another Palestinian tool attacks Johansson
Another Philistine Atrocity
Arabs attack infant girl in Samaria
Ariel Sharon: Death of a Giant
Asia Bibi: Update
Beauty from ashes
"Black Widow" attacked by Palestinian surrogates
Boycott Israel?
British M.P. Pimps for Hamas in Florida
Bulletin! America nukes Vietnam!
"Can I stab a Jew, Daddy?"
Canada Rescues Rimsha Masih
Chatting with an Assassin
Child marriage: "Muhammad is our model"
Christmas Greetings from Saeed
Destroy Israel: the Video Game
Does Iran already have the bomb?
Don't forget!
Emergency: Meriam arrested again
Fiendish Israelis slicing up Palestinian children!
For Netanyahu
 "Good Muslim B*tches"
Greetings from Saeed
......Postscript to "GMB"
Happy Birthday, Pastor Saeed
Happy Birthday, Israel!
Happy Jerusalem Day!
Hey, kids! Let's kill some Jews!
Holiday Greetings from the Philistines  
"Honest" reporting in Canada
"How to Stab a Jew"
In praise of Melanie Phillips
Iran: 8 years in prison for American pastor
Iranians Reject Saeed's Appeal
Iraq Prepares to Legalize Child Marriage
ISIS: The Care and Feeding of Female Slaves
ISIS Threatening Saeed's Life
"Islam is not a religion"
"Islam was not for me"
Islam: women, animals, and cars
Islamization: How It Works
Israel: friend request denied
Jackanapes Morsi: Jews are "apes and pigs"
Jew hatred in Florida
Joseph, Mary, and Aisha
Killing Asia Bibi
Knockout: Riham Said exposes Muslim "cleric"
Liena's Prayer
Love letters from the Philistines
LUSH Cosmetics: the stylish way to support terror
Mariam's Story ... and Another
"Marry your daughters as young as possible"
Meriam Ibrahim: Sadism in the Sudan
Meriam Ibrahim freed, leaves Sudan
Mickey Mouse: the Fatwa
"Moderate Muslims" in America: "We want Sharia"
More words of peace from the Muslims
Movie of the Year, 2013
Muhammad Rapes Again
Muhammad Smiles Again
"Multiculturalism" in Sweden: Muslim Gang Rapes
Muslim cleric: torture and kill homosexuals
Muslim holiday greeting: "Convert or die!"
Muslim sex slavery comes to Canada
Muslim Sex Trafficking in .... Minnesota?
Muslims Behead 10 Year Old "Spy"
Muslims burn Christian homes
Muslims exhume Ben Franklin
Nada's Escape
Netanyahu: Happy New Year
Netanyahu's secret weapon
New Muslim fatwah: Death to handicapped children!
Nigerian Muslims Kill 45 Christians
No more schools or supermarkets!
"No Stronger Ally"
 "Not fit for civilization"
Obama celebrates Jihad
Obama to Israel: "Go to Hell!"
Of Mice and Muslims
On Burning the Koran
"Our children are fertilizer"
Pakistani Actress Thumps on the Mullahs
PA Leader: "Kill the Jews!"
Palestinians praise Fogel murderers
Palestinian statehood? Vote "no!"
Philistines infuriated over viral video
Philistines Insist: "No Jewish State"
Pollard: enough is enough!
Pollard: the latest outrage
Pollard: the Travesty Continues
Praying for Israel
President Haman
President Haman abandons Saeed
Reading, Writing, 'Rithmetic ... and Islam
Ron Paul vs. Israel
Saeed Abedini: the Torture Continues
Saeed in Danger; Trump Speaks Out
Saeed speaks
Saeed's wife goes to Congress: and Iran's response
Sanity in Europe
Sanity in Texas: "Muhammad Art Contest"
Sharia to Be Enshrined in British Law
Soccer: a Zionist plot
Soccer: No Substitute for Floggings
"Son of Hamas" speaks out
Stop Iran Now
Studies in Islam: "a beautiful boy"
Studies in Islam: Another Proud Mother
Studies in Islam: Blood Libel, 2012
Studies in Islam: "Blue eyed girls cost more"
Studies in Islam: Child Brides
Studies in Islam: Child Sex Trafficking
Studies in Islam: Dealing with Rejection
Studies in Islam: Gynecology 101
Studies in Islam: Gynecology 102
Studies in Islam: How to Lie
Studies in Islam: Monkeys, apes, and pigs
Studies in Islam: Polygamy 101
Studies in Islam: Rape in Theory and Practice
Studies in Islam: Rape Jewish women!
Studies in Islam: Sex with the Dead
Studies in Islam: Teach Your Children Well
Studies in Islam: the Blood of Christians
Studies in Islam: The Ideal Woman
Studies in Islam: The "Truth" About Christianity
Studies in Islam: Twenty Thousand Virgins?
Studies in Islam: Wife Beating 101
Studies in Islam: Wife Beating 102
Studies in Islam: Wife Beating 201
Sunset in Jerusalem
The Children's Hour
The "Cubs" of ISIS
The Gentler Face of Hatred 
"The Innocence of Muslims"
The Legacy of 9/11
The Littlest Terrorist
The Middle East in Six Minutes
The Pollard Petition
The Ramadan Song
The Red Line
The U.N. vs. Israel
Thea Stilton Destroys Israel
"There is only one Islam"
Those Dark-Eyed Virgins Again
Trick or treat, Muslim style
True Allies
Ukraine Muslims: Death to Beauty Contestant!
Urgent Update: Asia Bibi
Urgent Update: Saeed Abedini
Victory! Meriam Ibrahim released!
Wafa Sultan strikes again
"We have avenged the prophet"
What a Surprise: Pope Francis Embraces Terrorism
What has Israel ever done for peace?
Whoring for Muhammad
Why Muslims Hate Jews
Why Women Shouldn't Drive Cars
"Waiting for me to deny Christ"
Your Tax Dollars at Work
"You've got a lot of nerve ...."