Christian Reflections

    "A Rare and Ravishing Delight"
     A Daily Supply
    A few things I've learned
    A Jealous God
    A New Covenant
    A New Year
    A Right Spirit
    A Time to Weep 
    A United Heart
    Affliction, Part II
    Affliction, Part III
    "All the Advantages"
    Are you in the Bible?
    Asking God's Forgiveness
    Betraying God
    "Beware the Easter Bunny"
    "Be careful what you ask for?"
    "Believe in Order to See"
    Boxing with God?
    Brand loyalty?
    "Broken and Smoking"
    But if not ...
    Call Upon the Lord
    Cast out? Never!
    Chatting about the Bible
    Chatting about the Bible, Part II
    Chatting about the Bible, Part III
    Chatting about the Bible, Part IV
    Christian, Are You Afraid to Die?
    Come Close to Him
    Confusion, uncertainty, and faith
    Contradictions in the Bible: bearing burdens
    Contradictions in the Bible: "vain repetitions"
    Conviction or Condemnation?
    Cross-Examining God
    Day and Night
    Dead Reckoning
    December 25
    Distracted from Prayer?
    Divided by Light
    Does God love everyone?
    Double minded?
    Do you have a sound mind? 
    Do you want God's will? Really?
    "Don't put away that Bible!"
    "Dr. Law and Dr. Grace"
    "Drop the ropes!"
    Earth Day 2014
    Encouraging verses about Eternal Security
    Encouraging verses about God's faithfulness
    Even though He knew....
    Foolish ... or a fool?
    Freedom Through Suffering
    Friendship with Jesus
    From the kernels to the husk
    From strength to strength
    God is not
    God knows
    God knows us completely
    Great Victories, Little Problems
    Help from God
    Hollywood's favorite lie?
    Hooray! Another new version of the Bible!
    How far can I go?
    "Indispensable to sanity"
    Jesus' Greatest Rival
    Jesus' temptations ... and mine
    Just thinking ...
    "Let Us Die with Him"
    "Little" Sins
    Love without end
    My treachery ... and yours
    No Baptists in Heaven
    No Condemnation
    "No Justice, No Peace?"
    No School of Prayer?
    Not saved?
    Nothing to sing about?
    "One of Them"
    Objections: "Aren't all religions the same?"
    Objections: Hypocrites in the Church
    Objections: "Religion is just a crutch!"
    Objections: "Two Gods" in the Bible? 
    Objections: "What about the heathen?"
    On Your Guard
    One Step Forward, Two Steps Back?
    Only Two Bibles
    "Others May, You Cannot"
    Pastoral Search Committee report
    Perhaps in 2012 ... perhaps today
    Place your bets! The four possibilities
    Prayer first ... then mercy
    Psalm 55:22: a comparative study
    "Put away that Bible!"
     Real Idolatry
    "Receive Christ?" What's that?
    Right on Time
    Satanic "Christianity"
    Should the Bible be easy to read?
    Sins we don't confess
    Sins we don't confess, Part II
    Stranger, Are You Afraid to Die?
    Taking Grace for Granted
    Taking It Literally
    The Anatomy of Repentance
    The Anatomy of Repentance, Part II
    The Anatomy of Repentance, Part III
    The Anatomy of Repentance, Part IV
    The Ascension
    The Battle
    The Bitter End
    The Blood of Sprinkling
    The Captive
    The Cedar
    The cell phone and the Bible
    The Chains of a Christian
    The Christian and Depression
    The Christian and Depression, Part II
    The Christian and Depression, Part III
    The Christian and Depression, Part IV
    The Christian and Depression, Part V
    The Christian and Depression, Part VI
    The Christian and Depression, Part VII
    The Christian and Depression: A Woman's Perspective
    The Christian and Depression: Spurgeon's Perspective
    The Difference Between Men and Women
    The extinguished candle
    The Eyes of Jesus
    The Glory of God
    The Gospel in one verse
    "The Hidden Life"
    The Pathology of Temptation
    The Price of Freedom
    The Princess and the Pea
    The Real Issue: Final Authority
    The sin God doesn't understand
    The Sin Unto Death
    The Time for Praise
    The Weaker Vessel
    Those horrible Christians!
    Time to Surrender
    "To conceal a thing"
    Too small?
    "Two Gods" in the Bible?
    Unanswered Prayers
    Victory ... then the crash
     "Watch and Pray"
    What do you say?
    What Cannot Be Uttered

    What is a "besetting sin?"
    What is God to you?
    What is the "perfect work of patience?"
    When God is Silent
    When God Punished My Sins
    When the Bottom Drops Out
    Who do you trust?
    Who's praying for you?
    Will you go away?
    Without Me ....
    Words of Consolation
    "Your Crown of Glory"

    Nota bene: The above blog entries were written by yours truly, William, unless otherwise noted.  Our sincere appreciation is extended to the authors quoted, although most of them are long gone, and are now enjoying the Presence of Jesus Christ. "They, being dead, yet speaketh."