Sunday, April 17, 2016


Hello there, brethren!  Forgive my long absence from this blog; I haven't truly been absent, but I have done very few posts in recent months.  As I said in a post on December 7 of last year, some of my inactivity was due to a series of surgeries and medical procedures, all of which (by the grace and mercy of God) were successful and had very positive results for me.  Since then, my posts have been limited because of my work on a major book-length manuscript; I'll share the details of this project as soon as possible.  (It's the last thing I ever expected to write: a Young Adult novel, thirty chapters in length, aimed at Christian teenagers. The manuscript is complete, and I'm in the process of finding a publisher; I would greatly appreciate your prayers.) But this blog is about to undergo some major changes - - - although it'll still be the blog you're used to.

To be completely honest, the platform for this blog (provided by Google), which has served me well since 2011, is becoming increasingly difficult and even unpleasant to use. Google, that mammoth corporate monstrosity which seeks to enfold us all in its smothering embrace, is constantly changing policies and rules, and I've decided, after praying about it, to move to another platform.  I won't be starting from scratch; I'll gradually re-post most of the important "Christian Reflections," as I continue to create new posts. I may be forced to change the title of the blog, but it will be recognizable.  Those of you who are "followers" of this blog will be notified by email when the change is made, sometime this summer, probably in June.

I thank you all for your interest and support, and I ask your prayers as I seek to follow God's will for this little blog.  God bless you all, and keep looking up!  The Lord might be back before any of these projects are completed! I leave you, temporarily, with these words from A. W. Tozer:

The will of God is always the proper goal for every one of us. Where God is must be the place of desire. Any motion toward God is a forward motion. Even repentance is not a retreat toward the past but a decided march into a more glorious future. Restitution is not a return to yesterday but a step into a blessed tomorrow. There is such a thing as going backward in the spiritual life. There is such a thing as a retreat from a spiritual position once held by us as individual Christians. And there is such a thing as denominations and missionary societies making a wholesale withdrawal from ground once won at tremendous cost. If we find that we have gone back, then we should immediately reverse the direction and again go forward. The great truths of superior spiritual experiences, of high levels of personal living, of rapturous communion with the Three Persons of the Godhead, of victory over the flesh, of the gifts and power of the Spirit: what has happened to these? Once they marked us out and made us peculiar. What about it today? These are fair questions and they demand an answer. If candid self-examination reveals a departure from the green pastures where once our fathers grazed, what then? Let there be no wasting of time in a futile mooning over the past. Rather let us arise and go! Let us go forward to a new and better place in God. The land lies before us. Let us go in and take it.

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  1. I'm looking forward to the evolution of your blog, but rather hope you don't change the name of it.

    God preserve us all from losing hard-won spiritual ground; that we keep moving forward indeed!