Monday, January 18, 2016

Muslim sex slavery comes to Canada

Once again, the true face of Mohammedanism is revealed, this time in Canada.  It wasn't enough for Muslim immigrants and "refugees" to kidnap and rape girls and women throughout northern Europe, from Germany to England and Sweden; now, they're bringing Muhammad's teachings (rape, slavery, "honor killings," and the like) to North America, in this case Quebec. What the Muslims themselves call "the sexual jihad" knows no boundaries, just as their savage, demonic "prophet" intended. The following story, in which the perpetrator victimized ten girls between the ages of 15 and 17, will come as no surprise to our Canadian readers, but it is instructive for the rest of us.*


Walid Mustafa Chalhoub is not an "Islamic extremist."  He is not known to be a member of ISIS or any terrorist group.  He is simply a believer in the Koran who practices the "religion" of Islam faithfully, and Muhammad would doubtless applaud his actions.  Next time you hear the term "moderate Muslim," remember this creature.

This is Islam.  It is the most evil "religion" ever to exist on this planet, and makes the hideous cults of the Old Testament seem mild by comparison.  It cannot be reformed or redeemed, and it cannot, and must not be allowed to, exist within a civilized society.

 A "moderate" Muslim

*The "Paul Bernardo" referenced in the video is a serial murderer and rapist from Ontario, considered by many Canadians to be that nation's most egregious criminal.  Although Walid Mustafa Chalhoub has not been charged with murder, his victims far outnumber Bernardo's.


  1. The left wing in Canada hates Ezra Levant and the Rebel because he has a very good understanding of the media and the games they play, and he's so conservative it's unacceptable even to the Cdn conservative MSM.

    Which tells me Ezra and the Rebel have more credibility insofar as reporting truth goes than most of the national MSM.

    This story happened in Quebec; a lot of Quebec news doesn't seem to be reported elsewhere in Canada.

    The case of Luke Magnotta also happened in Quebec, and the murder, Magnotta's trial, and his antics since in prison have all been reported by media outlets in the rest of Canada. So it really does look like this Muslim rapist's crime and trial has been buried by the media in English-speaking Canada.

    Ezra is bang on when he speaks of the danger of bringing the Muslim rape culture here. He even cites other places that have been victims of it: Rotherham and Cologne.

    On one hand, I grieve the country as it was when I grew up here. OTOH, I understand how deserving Canada is of God's judgment, and as long as the nation collectively remains against Him - which they demonstrate they are based on the legalization of various forms of sin God blatantly considers to be abomination in scripture, among other proofs - I really can't say "God help Canada," let alone "God bless Canada."

    We're about to find out what happens when God leaves a nation to its own devices, at its own request, and it won't be pretty.

  2. What really is the issue here, imo, is not that the perpetrator is a Muslim, but that because he's a Muslim, it's being covered up. That's more telling.

  3. Sisters, you both raise a salient and damning point: the deliberate cover-up of this horror story, because the mainstream media are afraid of "offending"the Mohammedan savages. Imagine what would have happened if Chalhoub had been an evangelical Christian: we'd be hearing about it 24/7 on every news outlet in the world.