Wednesday, December 9, 2015

"So what? Stab the Jews!"

"Every kiss, every hug, seems to act just like a drug
You're getting to be a habit with me...."
- - - Warren/Dubin, 1932

Well, that sounds nice. Unfortunately, these days, we are becoming habituated to other things, and they are not as pleasant as kisses and hugs.  Among these are the heartbreaking spectacle of Muslim/Palestinian children being carefully instructed in hatred, terrorism, and suicide killings.  Like all Mohammedans, the Palestinians (hitherto known as "Philistines") see children primarily as vehicles for murder, or (if they follow their "Prophet's" example) as sex objects.

The most recent wave of terror in Israel has come in the form of stabbings: perhaps the Philistines are replenishing their supplies of rockets and guns, probably with the indirect assistance of the administration in Washington (Bush or Obama; it makes no difference). Stabbings of Israelis are a daily occurrence, and, as this video makes clear, even the most innocent and precious children are learning the practice.  When you watch this brief video, please read the text at the very end: it will explain the use of the "So what?" chant.


It goes without saying that this is monstrous and truly anti-human; God did not create our race to behave this way.  But, in a world of hatred and bloodshed, it must grieve Him, and us, to see innocent children and toddlers exploited in such a manner.  Alas, it is not unusual: after all, we're dealing with the followers of the most evil "religion" in the history of this sin-sick planet.

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  1. Yet the West continues to encourage these animals, and welcome them to their countries. They will rue the day, but those poor children don't have much of a chance when they're born into such an evil religion.