Friday, November 6, 2015

Pastor Suta: from violence to victory

As Christians are persecuted and martyred throughout the world, this blog has usually examined cruelties and atrocities committed by Mohammedans.  As bad as the Muslims are, however, there are many other groups and religions that hate Christianity and Christians, and will not tolerate them.  Some Hindus fall into this category. India, Pakistan, and other countries with large Hindu populations see daily persecution of Christians. But God is more powerful than His enemies, and, just as He can bring beauty from ashes, he can bring His enemies to Himself through the faithfulness of our suffering brethren.

Such is the case of Suta, a Christian living and serving Christ in a rural village in India.  When he became the focus of Hindu persecution, his enemies attacked.  But God has a way of turning things around, and the unexpected happened.

The following is a dramatization of Pastor Suta's story, provided by Voice of the Martyrs:


Please pray for Pastor Suta and his former tormentor, and praise our wonderful God and Saviour Jesus Christ, for His daily and limitless mercies!

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  1. God bless Pastor Suta, and the church he watches over. Stories like this are why it takes so much more than being told to shut up to silence those who love the Lord. To God be the glory, great things He hath done!