Wednesday, October 21, 2015

"Can I stab a Jew, Daddy?"

Nothing surprising here, gentle reader: just another example of the love and care lavished on the innocent children of Mohammedan and Philistine (i.e., "Palestinian") children by their parents and teachers.  This is not a new subject, and has been addressed many times on this blog.

As recent news has shown, the currently fashionable way of murdering Jews in Israel is by stabbing; apparently, the Palestinians are re-stocking their arsenals of guns and missiles.  Jew-stabbing has become pandemic in Israel ... leading to this, published on Facebook within the past week:


But how could it be otherwise?  These truly precious children, for whom God has a very special concern (Matthew 19:14, Mark 10:14, Luke 18:16), are ruthlessly and heartlessly propagandized and trained literally from the cradle. Two examples from Palestinian television will suffice for now; there are hundreds of others:



A "religion" can be judged, among other things, by how it treats its women and children.  The treatment of women and children in Islam is simple: rape, beatings, pedophilia, sexual slavery, training for suicide, female genital mutilation ... but why go on?  The facts speak for themselves.  And remember: this same "religion" that is invading Europe, and is praised and coddled by such creatures as Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau.

It is the most evil "religion" in history, far surpassing anything in the Old Testament.

Personal note: I apologize to regular readers of this blog for the inactivity of recent months.  God has blessed me with several conditions requiring surgery, and although His faithfulness is magnificent and unfailing, I haven't been up to much on the Internet.  I appreciate your patience and your prayers!


  1. As I watched these videos of children proclaiming how they want to kill people, how they wish to stab Jews, I wondered how anyone can say that this is a good thing? How is promotion of violence a positive aspect of a society? If a television program in Israel, or Detroit, or anywhere in the world teaches and/or promotes the murder of others, it should be quickly and thoroughly condemned as well as removed. Unfortunately, it appears that at this time compassion and civility are reserved only for those who are in power, or who are favored by those in power.

  2. If you could see the look on my face as I watched those videos - incredulity and disbelief, even though I've seen similar videos before and understand that there's nothing humane about Islam; this is what they are.

    With the likes of Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau in power, this evil religion is not just invading Europe, but is poised to invade North America. And with Trudeau's election this past Mon, I can't even say "this isn't the Canada I was born into," because his father was elected the year that I was born! Trudeau Sr is the one we can thank for laying the groundwork and opening our borders to anyone and everyone, and also changing our laws and rules to accomodate them. I have to wonder if the Charter of Rights doesn't guarantee sharia law here in a relatively short time.