Thursday, September 24, 2015

Papa, Don't Preach

To: Jorge Mario Bergoglio
       alias "Pope Francis"

Most Hellish Father:

We see from the headlines that you have now presumed to set your foot on the soil of the United States, having just left the embrace of your fellow Catholic and fellow Communist, Fidel Castro of Cuba. We are further informed, by your vassals and lackeys in the press, that it is your intention to visit with the current President of the United States, and that your supreme and outrageous impudence will result in you addressing a joint session of the American Congress this week.  

It is extremely unlikely that you will ever see this note, but the note must be written.

Please be aware, Mr. Bergoglio, that the plaudits and worship you are now receiving in the mass media, and from so many of America's elected officials, do not represent the sentiments of all Americans.   There are hundreds of thousands of us who know the true history of your so-called "church," and millions more who recognize you for the heathen, Godless imposter that you are, and that all of your predecessors were.

(Of course, we are also aware of the millions of Americans who revere you, and who belong to your "church."  American Catholics are our friends, neighbors, and, often, family members.  [Indeed, the majority of Catholics, in America and elsewhere, would probably leave the "church" were it not for family loyalty, and their unwillingness to alienate their relatives.]  We have no ill will toward these people, many of whom are persons of high character and great amiability, and some of whom are actually Christians, despite the "church" they attend.  We are not "anti-Catholic;" we are opposed to the hierarchy and teachings of the Roman institution, not its members.)

Among those of us who have studied the history of the Roman Catholic institution, and the history of the Papacy, you will find no warm welcome, no tearful outpourings of praise, no enthusiasm at all.  You, Mr. Bergoglio, are merely the latest in a long line of Baalite frauds and tyrants who have headed the most wicked "church" on earth.  (Let us be clear.  Islam is the most evil religion in human history; but the so-called Roman Catholic Church is the most Satanic religious organization ever to curse this sin-sick planet.) Like all religious liars, you are one of the "many antichrists" of whom John the apostle warned in 1 John 2:18.  No, we don't think that little Jorge Bergoglio of Argentina is the Antichrist spoken of in Biblical prophecy: you're not that big, or that important.  But an antichrist you are, and we resent your presence on our soil.

You have already begun to smirk, during this visit, as is your habit. And well you might: you have made a mockery of the principle of "separation of church and state" that is invoked by theophobes and anti-Christians whenever a genuine follower of Christ raises his or her head.  In a way, America might even be said to be an officially Catholic country, ever since Ronald Reagan appointed an ambassador (not merely a representative) to the "Holy See" in 1984 - - - a diplomatic recognition extended to no other religion.  And now, the members of your "church" have so infested the government that some people claim your control is complete: the current vice-president, six of the nine justices of the Supreme Court, and nearly a third of the members of Congress are Catholic.  Your institution has sunk its claws very deep into America: congratulations.  But do not be so deluded as to think that some of us don't see this.

You will address the Congress, which is a ghastly violation of American principles in itself; and you will lie, because you, like all popes, are a professional liar.  In your case, the lies will include an excoriation of capitalism and a tacit endorsement of Communism, but other popes have had different perspectives.  Your political statements are irrelevant, however: you are not here to promote Communism, or social justice, or humanitarian sentiment.  You are here to flex your muscles, to exhibit and enhance the power of the Roman Catholic Church.  To further its interests, popes would endorse (and have endorsed) everything from Third Reich Naziism to Marxist Communism.  The Roman Catholic Church is the great chameleon of history: today capitalistic, yesterday Communistic, tomorrow something else: but always looking to control and enslave the minds and hearts of the gullible and faithless.

Enjoy your visit. Chuckle at your hirelings in Washington and elsewhere.  Manipulate the young and the old, the rich and the poor, because that's what popes do.

But don't expect those of us who have a personal acquaintance with the Lord Jesus Christ, and a knowledge of His perfect word, the King James Bible, to applaud your effrontery.  We have but three words for you, taken from a wretched rock and roll song by a slattern who was raised Catholic:

Papa, don't preach.

*"Most Hellish Father" was Martin Luther's preferred form of address to Pope Leo X.  The title was accurate and appropriate in Luther's time, and it is accurate and appropriate today.

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  1. I haven't followed any of the pope's visit. In my mind, it's another step toward the one world gov't, the end is not yet, but boy, it's got to be soon, blood moons, or no blood moons. I'm listening for the trumpets.