Friday, August 7, 2015

Planned Non-Parenthood: slavery was never this monstrous

During the long debate over legalized abortion in the United States, opponents of unrestrained abortion have often compared the controversy to the situation of chattel slavery before the War for Southern Independence.  In both cases, the laws of various states provided that one person had complete ownership of another: the slave-master and his slave, the pregnant woman and her unborn child.  The slaver could abuse or even kill his slave; the mother (or, rather, non-mother) could destroy her child at her slightest whim.  

The battle over legal abortion was won by the pro-abortion forces long ago, of course, and since that time, the encouragement to abort unplanned or unwanted children has been led by the organization calling itself Planned Parenthood.  This private organization, which receives most of its funding from U.S. taxpayer dollars, has long posed as a center for "women's health services," such as mammograms, contraceptives, etc.  It is no secret, however, that this was merely a ruse: Planned Parenthood performs no mammograms, for example, but merely refers women to private doctors who do the tests.  At the same time, the organization has successfully lobbied for laws allowing contraception and abortion for girls as young as their early teens, fighting against laws requiring parental notification of such practices, and many other "causes."  The main business of Planned Parenthood is, and always has been, providing abortions to any girl or woman who sought to end her pregnancy.  And in the past month, the details of that business have been revealed in all their ghastly, gory detail, by a team of investigative amateur journalists, who have stunned the nation with their discoveries.

Plaanned Parenthood is not merely killing unborn children.  It is dissecting those children, and selling their body parts to the highest bidders.  Slavery was evil ... but never this evil.

The Center for Medical Progress, founded by David Daleiden in 2013, has dedicated itself to exposing the unspeakably cold-blooded practices of Planned Parenthood.  Posing as buyers for the fictional company "Biomax Procurement Services," CMP personnel interviewed, and surreptitiously recorded, some of the very highest officers of Planned Parenthood, and are now publishing the videos of those interviews.  (A federal district court judge, of course, has ordered Daleiden's group to stop publishing the videos, but this order may be overturned.) In these videos, officers of Planned Parenthood, usually over a cozy luncheon and a glass of wine, dicker with the interviewers over the availability and cost of various parts of the slaughtered baby's body: the liver, the brain, etc.  In several interviews, it is revealed that great care is taken, during the abortion procedure, to preserve as intact a "specimen" as possible, so as to avoid ruined "parts."

No science fiction movie could be so unimaginable; no horror story could be more bloodcurdling. Here, at last, is the reality of the abortion industry in America.  The fact that federal law forbids the sale of human body parts does not impede Planned Parenthood in its gory pursuits; it merely makes them more secretive.

David Deleiden, and his staff, are genuine moral heroes.  They have exposed an abomination unimagined by those who bleat about "a woman's right to choose."  A simple Google search, or going to the CMP website, will provide further information on this matter, which has caused a true firestorm of controversy. For now, we simply present the first three videos, which speak for themselves.  A caveat: women whose lives have been touched by abortion might not want to view the videos, and they are hard for any normal person to stomach.

This is America in the 21st century: abandon Israel, glorify Sodomy, and chop up unborn children for merchandise.  "God bless America?"  I think not.




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  1. Absolutely unspeakable, and one of those things I wish I'd remained in the dark about. That whole organization should be shut down.

  2. These guys are militantly advocating funding by approaching pedestrians on sidewalks in Boston. In the name of "women's health" or rights, their works are unspeakable and abhorable to me as a young women. Who am I to to decise what lives or dies? The people behind this organization are hypocrites: voicing their opinions because their parents had incidentally not aborted them. Why don't these "broad minded" liberals find a worthy cause that they can fully stand behind? This is more deplorable than sodomy because God loves the innocent, and the innocent shed reaches heaven. Nevertheless, God is greater than all of our sin, and if you are messing around with this, repent before it is too late.

  3. Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

    It is so very unspeakable. I've seen too many articles and videos exposing this wickedness, and I don't know how anyone could shrug their shoulders at it and go on as though it were all part of cultural acceptability. Did they miss THAT “tweet”?

    At best, the one good thing that should come out of exposing this "institution" for what it really is, is that women planning on having abortions in the next few months will be made very aware of what happens to this living being growing inside them when it is violently extricated from it's place of conception. Surely, now, they can’t believe this baby is just an “inconvenience” to be gotten rid of. Perhaps someone will WAKE UP and change their mind.

    I wonder, can it get much worse than this? No. No action could be worse, more abominable, but this kind of spiritual wickedness will only increase. Principalities. This is the manifestation of unimaginable evil happening and increasing worldwide. And you know, as well as I, that this will all blow over for "the world", consciences will be seared, hearts hardened, laws passed, rights protected, money passed under the table, lobbyists pushing ahead. (lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, pride of life)

    God bless America? God is judging America, the once "land of free, home of the brave" is unraveling quickly, and the statue of Baphomet with two small children gazing at it, celebrated in Detroit, is a sure sign. I would only pray that the Gospel is shouted from the rooftops while it still can be. (Canada has lost such freedom long ago)

    We underestimate the longsuffering of our Holy God toward His creation. He repented that He had made man before the flood. We just may be seeing a “as in the days of Noah” prophesied by our Lord Jesus Christ. In His wrath, He will remember mercy. All praise and glory and honour to Him.