Tuesday, July 14, 2015

President Haman abandons Saeed

So, It's happened, and why should anyone be surprised?  The current President of the United States has completed a deal with Iran, a deal which virtually guarantees that Iran will have nuclear weapons in the near future.  This deal was "negotiated" without any reference to Saeed Abedini, our brother in Christ, and two other American prisoners: a reporter and a Marine.  We have followed Saeed's case from the beginning, in posts here, here, here, and in many other posts (referenced within these).  We mentioned Donald Trump's outrage over Saeed's plight, over a year ago, here.  We did not discuss the meeting in which the current President met with Saeed's family, and promised his little boy that he'd try to have Daddy home in time for his birthday.  We didn't mention it, because we feared that it wouldn't happen.

We were right.  And, in addition to the plight of Saeed and the others, the current President's deal with Iran will insure that the Persian Mohammedans will be able to strike Israel with nuclear weapons, which they almost certainly will do, unless Israel strikes them first.

Saeed's unbelievably brave and faithful wife has said that news of the Iran deal hurt her more than the day when her husband was first imprisoned.  She has learned what the word of the current President is worth.

But Saeed will not be forgotten by his fellow Christians around the world, and, although the current President will not listen, a few faithful Congressmen will undoubtedly continue to fight for him.  May God bless Saeed and his wonderful family, and may God help Christians in America when His perfect judgment falls upon this faithless, God-hating nation.  We will remember, with the late Corrie ten Boom, that "Jesus was Victor ... Jesus is Victor ... Jesus will be Victor!"

Amen!  Thank God, Whose judgments are "true and righteous altogether!"

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  1. The current (p)resident has demonstrated again and again what his word is worth. He might think that's he's beyond reproach, untouchable as POTUS, but there is One Who Obama and every God-rejecting human will face one day. I have enough on my conscience, so I am not saying I'm better than anyone else...but I would not be in Obama's position, not for all the money in this world.

  2. Not only has Saeed's wife learned what the word of the current president is worth, but so have Saeed's children. Obama essentially looked little Jakob in the eye and lied to him, as we suspected at the time. I have to hope the Lord will hold Obama especially accountable for hurting a child according to Mtt 18:6-7.