Tuesday, June 2, 2015

"Moderate Muslims" in America: "We want sharia"

We are constantly bombarded, by the media and government, with the myth of the "moderate Muslim."  The terrorists and supporters of sharia law, we are told, are merely a fraction of the world's "peaceful Muslims."  The best perspective on this came from someone who said: "A radical Muslim is someone who wants to behead you.  A moderate Muslim is someone who supports the 'radical' who wants to behead you."

So, instead of looking (for the umpteenth time) at the crucifixions, burnings, decapitation of children, etc. being practiced elsewhere in the world, let's hear from some "moderate Muslims" living in the United States:


Get it? These Mohammedans, living in a pleasant American city, are not only sending volunteers to fight alongside ISIS, but are also calling for the imposition of Sharia law in the United States. Several of them actually say they'd prefer to live in a Mohammedan country than in America. Which begs the question: Why don't you go home?

I particularly enjoyed the young "Somali-American" who said, "As far as my culture and my preferences, I'm still Somalian."  Strange words coming from a kid wearing dreadlocks and a baseball cap!

There are no "moderate Muslims."  There are people who have had the misfortune of being born in Muslim nations, but who have left the "faith," or who don't really practice it.  But any adult who reads the Koran, and believes and supports it, is a barbarian and a savage, whether he or she ever picks up a gun or not.

Islam is the most evil "religion" in the history of this planet.  It has no place in any civilized nation.


  1. Here's a point to be made: after watching this video once, replay it and insert "Jesus Christ" for "Mohammed," and "Christianity" where they say "Muslim."

    If you'd rather live in Somalia than the US, then go back to Somalia! No one's holding you here!

  2. Ditto to what Laura said!! This Islamic political system infiltration has been happening by design. Also here in Canada. If you want to call it a religion it must be called a cult, comparing it with the Vatican and the power that "body" has over the masses. (both are anti-Christ) These people have been allowed, by government programs, given financial support, housing, health and drug plans, education(if they want ours), while Canadians are losing jobs by the thousands. Deindustrialization has been occurring for decades, no one has noticed, while the stores have filled up with cheap goods from the Pacific rim/ third world countries. Oh yay, another dollar store is opening. We have five dollar stores to every grocery store...go figure. North America is up for destruction in so many ways.....and soon. Off with your head cried Queen Hillary.
    BUT "look over there, the trouble in that country!!", while the wizard behind the curtain here is pulling strings and whipping up his strange brew here? When you start thinking about everything that has been going on around the world, your eyes are darting everywhere....to and fro....your head starts spinning...CERN is set to collide particles to open up new worlds to us. Think about it. The talk about town is..."dark matter" . It's even got Stephen Hawking saying "DON'T DO IT".
    We are at a place were if this "gate" is allowed to be opened, it is only by the Hand of God. And if it is allowed, it is because it's the timing of God. And, so if it's that time, an old friend of mine used to say...Buckle up!!
    (maybe you can tell I'm in kinda' a sarcastic mood...maybe CERN has ramped up and the dark matter is spreading, it's said it's supposed to affect peoples moods...ha...God bless you William! the Lord is coming soon! I hope)

  3. Amen, sisters! Interesting ... you're both from Canada. You probably have more day-to-day contact with the Mohammedans than I do, living in the American South. Anyway, God bless you!