Monday, June 29, 2015

Memorandum: to the Supreme Court of the United States

Mr. Anthony Kennedy
Ms. Ruth Bader-Ginsberg
Ms. Sonia Sotomayor
Ms. Elena Kagan
Mr. Stephen Breyer

As an American citizen and a Bible-believing Christian, I would like to congratulate you on your recent ruling in the case of Obergefell et al. v. Hodges (June 26, 2015), in which you established the legality of homosexual "marriage" throughout the United States. In so doing, you have legislated the official position of this nation, and given genuine Christians a very clear view of where the United States stands vis-a-vis the Creator and Lord of the universe.

Those of us who understand our history know that this has never been a "Christian nation," because there is no such thing as a "Christian nation."  Nor do we believe that the authors of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were Bible-believing Christians.  We know that they were, in the main, deists, with a few atheists and a few genuine Christians among them.  However, they were men who respected the idea of God, and who respected the Bible, and this nation was founded on a Judeo-Christian consensus. That consensus was widely shared by Americans for nearly two hundred years, but has been discarded in recent decades.  Your recent ruling demonstrates that no vestiges of Judeo-Christian ethics or morals are now to be considered a part of the American ideal.

In legislating "gay marriage," you have followed the example of earlier Courts, such as those that removed any mention of God from the public schools, or legalized abortion. Those Courts were not reluctant to toss God and His word, the Holy Bible, aside, and now you have sneered and spat in the face of your Creator by giving final, absolute approval to one of the sins He designates as most loathsome in His word: the sin of Sodomy.

Thank you.  You have shown the world, if there was any doubt remaining, what the United States of America stands for. America has become one with Sodom and Gomorrah, Ninevah and Tyre, in its furious, hysterical hatred of God Almighty.  No, to be fair, Ninevah should not be included: Ninevah repented. Americans will not.

God only knows the depths to which you and your successors, and the American people, will descend in the future.  But here's what American Christians do know:

America has rejected our God and Saviour Jesus Christ, and bastardized and re-written His holy Bible .... and God has now turned His back on this nation.  The God who judged the sinful cities and kingdoms of old cannot wink at America's sins, just because some of her professing Christians continue to sing "God Bless America."  In order to continue blessing America, God would have to violate His own character and nature: and not even the Supreme Court of the United States can make Him do that.

Those of us who have experienced the love and forgiveness of the Lord Jesus Christ, and who are American citizens, will not rebel against you.  As Jesus taught His followers to pay their taxes, we will pay ours, even when you strip tax-exempt status from the churches.  As the Apostle Paul commanded us to obey the laws of the land, we will continue to obey ... until your laws come into direct conflict with God's word, such as demanding Christian pastors to marry Sodomite couples.  There are limits to our obedience: Then Peter and the other apostles answered and said, We ought to obey God rather than men (Acts 5:29). Christians have dealt with Caesar before, and we will deal with you again.  You and your partners in the Executive and Legislative branches may do your worst; in fact, we know you will.

Turn your back on God's nation, Israel.  We Christians will continue to love and support her.

Find a way to close down our businesses; God will provide for us.

Close our churches: we will meet in homes, or in the fields and the forests.

Burn our Bibles: we have hidden God's words in our hearts.

Kill our bodies: you will be sending us to the arms of the Lord we love.

We will not renounce our American citizenship: we will use it, when possible, just as Paul used his Roman citizenship. But don't think that we are "proud Americans" any longer.

We are citizens of another Kingdom, and when God's judgment falls on America, that Kingdom will not be affected at all.

Finally, in the words of the judge to the condemned man: May God have mercy on your souls.

Courtesy copy to:
Chief Justice John Roberts
Justice Antonin Scalia
Justice ClarenceThomas
Justice Samuel Alito


  1. Amen. 10 years ago, Canada also legalized this abominable sin. But as noted, the courts of the land will not invalidate God's word and He will have the last laugh. Proverbs 1:25-33

  2. Amen to Laura's comment.

    Your "memorandum" made my heart weep. It is a true representation of the time we are in.
    Yet, we children of the Living God have a glorious future to look forward to. So, with that, regardless of any coming persecution, I rejoice, knowing that our redemption draws nigh.

    Days of violence are coming. Street preachers are witnessing it. This sodomite spirit is vicious and wants it's own way. Remember the angels that visited Lot to extract him and his family and what they encountered there?

    Psalms 59:8 But thou, O LORD, shalt laugh at them; thou shalt have all the heathen in derision.
    9 Because of his strength will I wait upon thee: for God is my defence.

  3. Well put William. Just as Nero and Caesars
    persecution of the early believers only furthered the gospel, I pray that when the tares wax great, it will only propagate more wheat. America got exactly what she deserves (Daniel 4:17). Let us count ouraelces worthy to see this day come to pass.