Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Netanyahu's secret weapon

Even as Barack  Obama plunges forward in his quest to make America, once Israel's only friend, into nothing more than another enemy; even as Barack Obama ignores the qualms of his own Democratic Party and the astonished disapproval of his countrymen by assisting Iran in its plan to acquire nuclear weapons; even at such a time, Prime Minister Benjamin Natanyahu of Israel has many weapons at his disposal.  Apart from those of a military nature, here is another:


It should go without saying, of course, that Israel's greatest asset is not a weapon at all, but rather her Protector: God Himself.  Every square centimetre of the land - - - - and much more besides - - - - was given to Israel by God, and if the treachery of all the knavish nations of the world reduce Israel's land farther (which probably will happen, temporarily), Israel will never be utterly defeated or destroyed. Obama and the Mohammedans and other "lesser breeds without the Law" are no match for God, for Jesus Christ, Creator and Sustainer of the Universe.  For the present moment, Israel was wise to re-elect Netanyahu: when he says "Never again," he means it.  His enemies would do well to remember this.

As for the book, a work of art created by Phil Chernofsky ... it belongs in every church, every library, and every home in the civilized world.  I'm not advertising it, but I'm buying a copy.


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  1. How incredibly powerful. Chilling, but a necessary reminder.