Saturday, April 11, 2015

Fiendish Israelis slicing up Palestinian children!

Is there no end to the depravity of the Jews? How long must these atrocities continue? From the public prints, or at least an American television network, comes this horrifying story of a little-known program of Zionist "doctors" cutting up disadvantaged children from around the world, over 50% of whom are Palestinian. Is there no treachery or cruelty too low for the Israelis? 

See the hideous plot for yourself, in the following clip from a Christian television network in America. Once again, the Jews and their Christian lackeys conspire to persecute and torment the innocent Palestinian people.....


If you really want to feel some rage, you should follow the day to day operations of this program, and see the difficulties it faces.  As reported in the Toronto Globe and Mail, one of the problems facing these Arab and Palestinian children is the wrath that their families might incur from the Muslims if the word leaks out that they're accepting help from the Jews. Heads of Muslim families have been killed for less. Better to let the child die, I suppose.  

Or, perhaps the children could be treated by a similar outreach program operated by the Muslims themselves? But no, on second thought, it doesn't work that way.  Outside of the most affluent Muslim countries themselves, there are no "Muslim hospitals;" and those that exist in Saudi Arabia or Iran or Jordan certainly aren't interested in helping the children of their Palestinian brethren.  "Solidarity with the Palestinians" only extends as far as the headlines and manifestos; it doesn't involve sharing services or ("Allah" forbid) land. The followers of Muhammad are interested in death, not life, even when it comes to the lives of their children.

Tell, us, President Obama. Tell us again how "uncooperative" Israel is, and how noble the so-called Palestinians are.  Blame it all on your personal animosity for Prime Minister Netanyahu.  Don't worry about the facts; when have they ever gotten in the way of your anti-Semitism and hatred of Israel?

For further information: Save a Child's Heart Foundation

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  1. What a refreshing story to see Middle Eastern kids given a second chance at life instead of being surrounded by, or programmed for, death.