Monday, February 23, 2015

President Haman Rides Again

With so much happening in the world today at the hands of Mohammedan savages, and with the ongoing crusade against Israel by the Obama administration, it's hard to know where to start in addressing the issues.  On any given day, ISIS might be crucifying, beheading, or burning children alive in Iraq, or training other children to do the same thing.  The next day, we might read of English (and other European) schoolgirls, apparently recruited via Twitter, leaving home to join the ISIS savages as prostitutes or wives.  Boko Haram continues to kidnap, rape, and slaughter thousands of Christians in Nigeria.  The followers of Muhammad are very busy indeed. If happiness were permitted in Hell, Muhammad would be jumping for joy.

But I'm an American, so I begin at home, observing, not for the first time, the actions of President Haman, also known as Barack Obama.  Never before in American history have the Muslims had such a staunch supporter, or Israel so deadly an enemy, in the White House.  Despite the outrage of the entire civilized world, President Haman steadfastly refuses to attach these atrocities to the "religion" of Islam, continues to boast about the "great and peaceful faith" of Mohammedanism, and even criticizes Christianity as being morally equivalent to Islam in its excesses (see video below).   Just as he bowed in slavish obeisance to the dictators of Saudi Arabia several years ago, he continues to serve the interests of Mohammedanism, not the United States.

But that's not enough.  I don't happen to believe that Obama is himself a Muslim, as some have charged; I believe that his only religion is narcissism.  But his interests are the same as the Muslims' - - - and the Muslims' great enemy, Israel, is Obama's enemy, too. Obama hates Israel like Dracula hates the sunlight.

On March 3, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will address the United States Congress, having been invited to do so by House Speaker John Boehner.  This is hardly a novelty; foreign dignitaries have addressed Congress as far back as the Marquis de Lafayette, who addressed the House of Representatives and Senate, separately, in 1824.  The Marquis was not a head of state, but heads of state have addressed Congress, including King Kalakaua of Hawaii (1874), Winston Churchill (1941), Nelson Mandela (1990 and 1994), and others.  In fact, Netanyahu himself has addressed the Congress twice before, in 1996 and 2011.

But suddenly, the President of the United States is crying "foul," and doing everything in his power to diminish the impact of Netanyahu's upcoming appearance.  He has denounced it publicly and privately, using the lame excuse that leaders running for re-election (as Netanyahu is doing) are not invited.  (This is historically inaccurate, but it's the only thing Haman could come up with.)  In fact, the President is miffed because he didn't extend the invitation, and, more importantly, he hates Netanyahu, Israel, and the Jewish people.

Readers of this blog who are not Americans should be aware of some basic facts.  It is not the place of the President to invite people to address Congress; that's the role of the leader of Congress, the Speaker of the House.  The Speaker of the House, and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, are the leaders of co-equal branches of government, along with the President.  John Boehner doesn't have to ask President Haman's permission to invite anyone he likes to speak - - - just as the Chief Justice doesn't have to ask the President whether the Supreme Court should hear a particular case.  To put it bluntly, it's none of the President's business.

So, Obama is encouraging Democratic members of Congress to boycott Netanyahu's address.  Some have already agreed to do so.  In a way, this is educational: it shows rather clearly who, in the Congress, is a friend of Israel, and who is not.  The Congresspersons who are boycotting the event are only friends of Israel when they're pitching for the Jewish vote at election time.

And on and on it goes.  President Haman is allying himself ever closer with Iran, and fears that his Iranian friends may be displeased by Netanyahu's reception in Washington.  So, in a shocking diplomatic snub, Obama will not even meet with this head of state when he visits Washington.

Happily, there are a few people with courage enough to oppose this monomaniacal tyrant.  Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani of New York, below, is one of them.  

The ultimate satisfaction, of course, is that Israel will survive this petty tantrum by President Haman, and will endure long after he departs the scene.



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  1. Obama is reaching to compare ISIS' actions to any aspect of Christianity. He's doing nothing but making excuses to defend Islamic terrorism while denouncing Israel - he's made it clear several times over as to where his loyalty lies, and he's one US president definitely unworthy of the office and the title.