Tuesday, December 30, 2014

"How to Stab a Jew"

And now, the latest "viral video" currently sweeping the Internet, courtesy of the "religion of peace:" "How to Stab a Jew," produced by the Palestinian group Hamas.  If this were a joke, it would be in exceedingly bad taste; but, although murder is indeed a cause of merriment and laughter to any believing Muslim, this is not a joke. Following the murders of five people, including three rabbis, in a Jerusalem synagogue in November; and following a botched stabbing attack on two Israeli border patrolmen last Friday, Hamas has provided Muslims worldwide with a helpful video showing how to do the job correctly.  The video does not portray an actual stabbing, but merely shows a "training exercise," so it is not gory:


Although the "prophet" Muhammad would probably not approve of the pseudo-rock musical accompaniment, he would certainly applaud the sentiment behind, and the purpose of, the video. Anyone who has observed the Palestinians over the decades will recognize the Keffiyeh scarf, made famous by Yasir Arafat, worn by the cowardly masked actors in the video: it is acknowledged around the world as a symbol of "Palestinian resistance."

This is Islam.  These are the barbarians seeking to destroy the state of Israel, and then the entire Jewish people.  And "Palestine" is the non-nation which, in the next few weeks, will probably be recognized by the United Nations as an official state.*

One year draws to an end, another begins, but the savagery of Mohammedanism, and the hatred of Israel, continues to spread.  

And God looks on, recording every word and every act, having already determined the day and hour when He will intervene directly.  America has abandoned Israel, but God will not.

*Not just yet. The day of this post, the United Nations Security Council voted against the Palestinians' demand to be immediately recognized as a legitimate state. A 9-vote majority of the 15-member council was required to pass the measure.  Russia, China, France, Argentina, Chad, Chile, Jordan and Luxembourg voted in favor of the Palestinians; Lithuania, Nigeria, the Republic of Korea and Rwanda and the United Kingdom abstained; only the United States and Australia voted against the Palestinians. At least the United States backed Israel on this occasion, even while stabbing her in the back at every other opportunity.

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  1. Hamas does have their own twist to the "Public Service Announcement." Here's hoping the Israelis watch and learn and turn the tables, so to speak.