Monday, October 27, 2014

Destroy Israel: the Video Game

Ah, those resourceful Philistines!  Long pioneers in every form of propaganda, especially that which is aimed at children, they are now moving into the 21st century with their very own video game.  Unlike the genuinely decadent video games of America, which merely glorify things like car theft and the murder of police, the Palestinian version instructs its viewers in how to destroy the nation of Israel.  This is both jolly good fun, for young Philistines, and also genuine education in basic Muslim principles: for example, never negotiate with your enemy, when you can kill him instead.  Let's see if Nintendo or Capcom tries to bring this one to Western markets.


Never fear, however: the tykes too young for this game are not being neglected.  Such television programs as "Pioneers of Tomorrow" are still there, brainwashing even the youngest toddlers into a lifelong hatred of the Jews.


Indeed, Islam has something for everyone: although its primary fruits are hatred, rape, pedophilia, and murder.  It is truly the most evil "religion" in human history.

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