Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Death of Sweden

Here's an interesting video from Sweden, which describes some of the changes that have taken place in that unfortunate country. We'll have more to say about it momentarily.


Nothing in that video is particular shocking, of course, except for the raw statistics.  The entire world has been observing the Muslim conquest of northern Europe - - - and, because of cowardice and political correctness, "observing" is all that the world's been doing.  But the most striking thing about the video is that it was created five years ago, in 2009.  That was before ISIS, the "Islamic State," and the rise of the so-called "caliphate" in Iraq and Syria.  Although rape, murder, and pedophilia inevitably accompany Mohammedanism wherever it goes, the video was produced when the Muslim rape gangs were just getting started, and long before they became such a horrific problem in England.  And it was before countless individual acts of sexual assault, murder, and every form of barbarity known to man became quite so commonplace.  Those were happening five years ago, but not to the degree that they are today.  Why?  The answers are simple: more Muslim immigrants, and more cowardice and inaction by the governments.  As the video points out, and as the daily headlines remind us, European politicians who oppose Islam in an outspoken way are shouted down and marginalized by their "moderate" colleagues - - - exactly as they are in America.  There is one difference: in Europe, there are more brave politicians than there are in the United States, and no European leader actually wants the Muslims to prevail.  Barack Hussein Obama does.

Europe and America needs more leaders, true leaders, like Oskar Freysinger.  Europe has a few; America and Canada have virtually none, although Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is a bright light in this regard.  But he can't shine too brightly, or speak out too boldly, or the Parliamentary system will replace him.

I could post much worse videos than the one above: truly graphic videos of beheadings, stonings, and other atrocities.  But I prefer not to inflict them on the readers of this blog.  The five year old video above, which merely represents one European nation. should be enough for anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear.

Islam is the filthiest and most unspeakably barbaric "religion" in the history of the world.  Even the idolaters of the Old Testament can't surpass it.  Islam cannot, and must not, be allowed to "co-exist" with civilized societies.

If "the Islamic State" wants a war, we should give it to them: not in a stupid, endless ground invasion like Iraq or Afghanistan, but by bombing and assassinating every Muslim stronghold and every Muslim "religious" leader in the Middle East, and stopping all Muslim immigration to any Western nation.  They will understand nothing else.  It's them, or civilization. 


  1. The facts given in the video about Sweden are representative of many other countries that come to mind. It really is a worldwide epidemic of a different sort. When the native born, native speaking people in any country become the minority, there's a problem, imo.

  2. This is a direct result of the western world's 'Liberal' philosophy. I can not agree with you more than you have stated except to say this should have started when George Sr. Bush had the first chance to begin the systematic removal of all radical muslims in Desert Storm. The western world continues to be subject to that bad judgement.

    Our 'liberal' educators have made it easy for the radicals to move in by stopping national pride at the public school level by removing the singing of the national anthem during daily morning announcements, by removing moral and ethical values that were instilled in us by reciting the Lord's Prayer each morning, no gone for the good of the 'liberal' philosophy of not wanting to offend those who in my opinion are NOT welcome in our country to begin with. So our children have been indoctrinated into NO LIVE PRINCIPALS the same as Muslim radical children are being taught to kill Jews.

    Stoping them without supporting the reasons be starting at the basic level on our school system, and controlling our own, out of control 'liberal philosophy', is nothing more than lip service condoning the muslim radical in their quest to dominate all aspects of humans...sounds like something satan himself has planned out.