Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sanity in Europe

As the world was reminded again this week, by the hideous beheading of American journalist James Wright Foley by the group IS (The Islamic State), Mohammedanism is the most barbaric and sub-human "religion" to be practiced on this sin-cursed planet since Old Testament times.  (It's a close call: the pagans who laid their babies in the burning arms of the statue of Moloch weren't so different from the Muslims who use their children as suicide bombers or human shields.)  Unfortunately, America currently suffers under the "leadership" of a genuinely anti-Semitic, pro-Islamic guttersnipe who encourages such behaviour by his actions, even when "talking tough" - - - before he returns to the golf course.  And there are precious few American politicians, of any party, who are willing to call evil by its rightful name: not "terrorism," not "Islamic radicals," but Islam itself.  American politicians don't have the guts to tell the truth.

But there are others, such as Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper or England's David Cameron, who are willing to see the facts, and tell the truth.  And not just them: here are two other European politicians who are unafraid of the savages who follow the demon-possessed "prophet" Muhammad.

These videos are several years old, but they are crucial and relevant.  First, Swiss Member of Parliament Oskar Freysinger, speaking to a German audience:


If America had politicians who were willing to speak so honestly about the evils of Islam, perhaps Islam would not now be sweeping the world with a speed unprecedented in modern times.

In an even earlier video, Austrian Member of Parliament Ewald Stadler had a few choice words for Turkish Mohammedans who were whining about "opposition" by genuine Austrians:


Islam will not conquer the world; eventually, it will be subjugated and amalgamated into a one-world religion by the Antichrist.  But, in the short term, right now, Islam is winning: because its opponents are too few, and those who have genuine power, such as Obama, are fully in sympathy with it.  (I am not claiming that Obama is a Muslim; his only religion is egotism.)  The world needs more men and women who will speak the truth, as the two men above are doing, and leaders who will fight Islam by any means necessary.


  1. Well said, unfortunately it is our collective complacency through out the non muslim world that is allowing satan to gain the upper hand. The philosophy of liberalism eroding anything that was of God's design for the human race.

    Continue to pray for the Lord's return.

  2. The speakers in those videos nailed it, as did Gord's comment, above. The complacency of the non-Muslim masses is letting the "problem" (which is an understatement) go unchecked. By the time it's realized, it'll be too late, as it already is for the countless people who have already been victimized by these barbarians.