Thursday, July 17, 2014

Flunking the Israel Test

Here's an interesting presentation which open-minded people should find very thought-provoking. A brief snippet of the ideas contained in his book The Israel Test, it is presented by George Gilder, whose 1981 runaway bestseller Wealth and Poverty revolutionized economic thinking in the United States:


Sadly but inevitably, it is all to evident how our "Palestinian" friends fare on this test.  They make their deepest feelings (perhaps their only genuine feelings) very clear:


Some people simply don't like the truth.

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  1. Very interesting concept, re: envy.

    Israel gave Gaza to the "Palestinians", but instead of it being maintained or improved, it has been reduced to a mud hole by those who have had the "governing" of it since.

    And Hamas sings "Israel cannot endure war", totally ignoring the truth of the past, and the present. Such sad delusioned people they are.