Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Of Mice and Muslims

Here we go again.  With the unspeakably vile Mohammedan "religion" advancing throughout the world, as a feckless American President allows Iraq to fall to a group ("ISIS") that makes Al-Qaeda look "moderate," and as Muslims continue to escape the consequences of attacks on Americans and the imprisonment of Christians, what are the followers of Muhammad jabbering excitedly about today?

Mice.  Specifically, Mickey Mouse. Herewith, the words of  Dr. Nabil Hammad of Saudi Arabia, three days ago.  But consider what follows, in the subsequent videos.


Although we sympathize with some of this lying dog's concerns about "moral values," he loses all credibility when assigning blame for the decline of decency to (of course!) the hated Zionists.  (The entire subject begs the question of what makes any follower of the pedophilic, incestuous, sex-crazed Muhammad qualified to discuss "morality," but that's a separate matter.)  What's interesting, in this discussion, is the enthusiasm of his Palestinian brothers in appropriating the image of Mickey Mouse, renamed "Farfour," as a noble martyr to Islam.  Perhaps Dr. Hammad would not find the following so objectionable:


Ah, Farfour!  Noble mouse champion of the star and crescent!  But wait ... mice are unclean, actual servants of Satan, according to the Hadiths and Muslim tradition.  Well, never mind: the Philistines will embrace Farfour as a martyr, anyway.  Anyone who knows any devoted Muslims knows that "Allah" isn't too choosy.


Such is the face of Muslim "education" of their youngest children.  Even a beast as unclean as a mouse can be a martyr, provided he is zealous in his hatred of Jews and Christians.  Who said that the Muslim pedophiles were only interested in the bodies of children?  They want their minds, too.  Sex and death, whatever the age: that is what Islam has to offer, and all that it has ever had to offer.

Meanwhile, controversy has exploded once again, in Egypt, over a businessman who dared to post the following image on Twitter.  It is unknown whether said posting has caused any deaths yet, but it probably will.  That's Islam: any excuse, however flimsy, for hatred and slaughter.

And the West, "led" by America, does nothing .... except submit.  Readers of the Bible know that the Lord Jesus Christ will one day put an end to this nonsense, when He returns as God in the Flesh to rule the world.  If the Mohammedans are to have their day in the sun, they'd better enjoy it while they can.

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    1. There are no words, each negative emotion in my being is awakened. I had to turn off the sound and just read, listening to that language is actually like listening to satan himself. Failing to take measures now against these tyrants, ensures to them that we approve. In 1 or 2 decades hence it will be to late for the Western world as we know it.