Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Meriam Ibrahim: Sadism in the Sudan

This is not a new story. That's one reason it's so scandalous.

Meriam Yahia Ibrahim, 27, is a Sudanese woman who was raised as a Christian.  Born to a Muslim father and an Eastern Orthodox Christian mother, her father abandoned the family when Meriam was a child, and she was brought up in her mother's Christian faith.  She has never professed any religion other than Christianity.  She is married to Daniel Wani, an American citizen who is also a Christian.  Mr. Wani's American citizenship has been acknowledged by Jen Psaki, a spokeswoman for the American State Department. Daniel is a victim of muscular dystrophy; according to Meriam's lawyer, he "totally depends on her for all details of his life, he cannot live without her." They are the parents of a 20 month old son, Martin. Meriam is a Medical Doctor.

Because the Sudan is ruled by Sharia law, Daniel and Meriam's marriage is not recognized as valid in that country, where the marriage of a Muslim to a Christian is regarded as apostasy.

But wait: Meriam is not a Muslim, either by upbringing or by profession.  She has chosen Christianity.  Never mind, say the authorities: her father was a Muslim, even if he abandoned his family, and therefore Meriam is, too.  Such is the reasoning of the followers of Islam, the most barbaric "religion" since Old Testament times.  Therefore, Meriam is, by law, an apostate from "the religion of peace."

Daniel and Meriam

On May 15, Meriam was sentenced to death by hanging, for the crime of apostasy from Islam.  She was given three days in which to renounce Christianity, and refused.  She was eight months pregnant at the time, and, since then, both she and her son Martin have been incarcerated at
Omdurman Federal Women's Prison.  Authorities graciously conceded that she could give birth to her baby, probably hoping to have another little Mohammedan in the world, before the sentence was carried out.  Prior to being hanged, Meriam is to receive 100 lashes, which is the punishment for adultery - - - "adultery," in this case, meaning marriage to a Christian.

She has been visited in prison by her husband, who reported that she was in shackles, despite her advanced pregnancy, and that her legs were badly swollen.  According to her lawyer, young Martin is also in poor health, as a result of confinement to such a filthy place.

On May 26, Meriam gave birth to a baby girl, Maya.  She was in shackles during the birth. The Sudanese government intends to carry out the execution (and lashing) after Maya is weaned. 

Protests have exploded around the world over the case, from liberals and conservatives alike: Amnesty International, British Prime Minister David Cameron, and others have registered outrage.  But not President Obama, who has been busy negotiating the release of Muslim terrorists from Guantanamo in exchange for an American deserter, who also happens to have converted to Islam. Never mind that Meriam's husband is an American citizen; Obama and his henchmen are more concerned with nurturing the advance of Islam than protecting the interests of Americans.  This is not opinion: this is what's happening.

Meriam and Maya

Here's another bit of Islamic sadism:  a Sudanese official announced, several days after Maya's birth, that the sentence had been overturned, and Meriam and her children would be released. Joy and relief were felt all over the world.  But not so fast: a day later, Sudanese officials said that this report had been erroneous, and the sentence stands.

This is Islam.  This is the religion of Muhammad.  And this is another example of the priorities of the Obama administration.  Christians everywhere should be in fervent prayer for this family, and even unbelievers should be outraged.  Such barbarity should not exist in the 21st century - - - or in any century.

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  1. That is just wrong beyond words. I wonder why they decided to stay in Sudan after they married? Obama won't think twice about throwing her to the wolves, no different than Saeed Abedini. May the Lord reward him according to his works....

  2. I just have to pray, anger will not allow me a meaningful response.