Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Satanic "Christianity"

From time to time, we've taken the liberty on this blog to mention some of the ... shortcomings ... of the "religion" of Mohammedanism (or "Islam," as it's called by its adherents and apologists).  Today, just to be fair, we're going to cast a gimlet eye on Christianity itself: or, at least, what some people think is Christianity.  In fact, what you're about to see isn't Christianity at all, but is a genuinely Satanic counterfeit of Christianity. These are the self-proclaimed"Charismatics," formerly known as "Pentecostals."

The Pentecostal Movement is not new, but neither is it old, in Christian terms: it stretches back several hundred years, but not several thousand.  We won't go into all the history; that has been done by others.  The early history of Pentecostalism in America includes such zany figures as John Alexander Dowie (1847-1907), the so-called "Father of Healing Revivalism in America," founder of "Zion City" in Illinois; Charles Parham of Topeka, Kansas (1873-1929), founder of the "Fire-Baptized Holiness Church" and head of a "Bible school" there;"  and, of course, the flamboyant, sensual, and incredibly meretricious Aimee Semple McPherson (1890-1944), the notorious, headline-seeking founder of the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel.  "Sister Aimee" was the first to use mass meetings, and especially the medium of radio, to increase her audience, and she was as successful as she was shamefully immoral : for a time, this slattern (three husbands and uncounted "hookups") was the most popular woman on America's radio waves, except for First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.  All of these people (except for Mrs. Roosevelt) claimed to be latter-day prophets and/or apostles of God, although the true Apostolic Age ended in the First Century; all preached a "gospel" of physical healing, speaking in tongues, and claimed to be able to perform all the miracles of the original apostles, because they had been "gifted" (that's what "charismatic" means) in a special way by God.  They were, probably without exception, possessed by unclean spirits, popularly known as demons.

"Sister Aimee" and an early convert
But this is not a history of the Pentecostal Movement.  To see real Satanic "Christianity" in action, we need to fast forward to the late 20th century, when television had enabled so many Pentecostals (Oral Roberts, Jim Bakker, Robert Tilton, Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, etc.) to amass vast international followings. The swindles and depredations of such characters are legendary, and were often marked by monetary greed, sexual immorality, and other concerns.  But in this post, we're examining something much more serious: the twisting of the Christian Gospel by Charismatic writers and preachers into something utterly demonic.  (We will use the term "Charismatic" and "Pentecostal" interchangeably henceforth.) In the 20th century, a whole new Christian theology sprang up from the bowels of Hell, preached by such men as William Branham (1909-1965), Kenneth Hagin Sr. (1917-2003), and David Yonggi Cho (1936- ) of South Korea. These were the founders of the "Word-Faith" movement, which morphed into the "name it and claim it" theology of the "prosperity preachers." It also involved truly blasphemous distortions of Christian theology: various contemporary adherents preach and write that "all Christians are Gods," that Satan can be easily defeated by any Christian, that the Holy Spirit can be controlled by hand motions or puffs of breath from the preachers (as you're about to see), and that laughing hysterically and barking and grunting like animals are "fruits of the Holy Spirit."  One very influential church, the Brownsville Assembly of God in Pensacola, Florida, has had such insane "manifestations" as "spiritual pregnancies" and sensual displays in the church services that stopped just this side of sexual intercourse.  (The Brownsville "revival" was an offshoot of the "Toronto Airport Revival," in Canada, both in the 1990s.) The consquences of such beliefs in everyday human lives are not hard to imagine.

The worst offenders in this affair, although there are scores to choose from, are Kenneth Copeland, Marilyn Hickey, Joel Osteen, Creflo Dollar, Robert Tilton, Paul and Jan Crouch of the Trinity Broadcast Network, Jimmy Swaggart, and the king of the swindlers, Benny Hinn.  Hinn has publicly cursed any and all critics of his ministry, once lamenting that he didn't have a "Holy Ghost machine gun" to shoot them with; a woman speaking from his pulpit once made the charming suggestion that "You Christians need a Holy Ghost enema up your rear end." (My apologies; I'm quoting Benny Hinn's lovely wife .)  Do these sound like the words of Jesus, Paul, or Peter?

These people may or may not be Christians; that's up to God to decide.  But they are not preaching Christianity, and in fact are damaging its reputation with Satanic empowerment and Satanic methods.  I do not apologize for naming names; I apologize that I missed so many.  But study the following "church service," featuring both Kenneth Hagin (the older man being led around) and Kenneth Copeland (in the tan suit and orange shirt).  Does this look like the ministry of Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit, or does it look like madness and the activity of demons? Please remember: Hagin and Copeland, the men in this video, are two of the most respected men in this movement.  They are not the "extreme;" they are the norm.  Or, has been said of Jack Hayford, author of the song "Majesty," they are "the Pentecostal Gold Standard:"


If this is Christianity, may God deliver us from it.  And if you're bound up in it, He can, and He will! But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy (James 3:17).

God is sometimes mysterious, but He is not "weird." Jesus Christ can deliver an unsaved man or woman from Hell ... and He can retrieve one of His children from the clutches of these monstrous frauds pretending to be his ministers.  In either case, come to Him today, as He is presented in the Bible, and don't listen to the rantings of demon-possessed liars who are out for nothing but your money ... and perhaps your soul.  Beware the "Charismatics."

Benny Hinn "ministering"


  1. That is definitely Satanic, imo, but aren't there some Pentecostals that aren't quite so extreme?

  2. Yes Laura, there are, but they're in a very precarious position. They tend to place experience over the Scriptures as being authoritative, which is deadly for any Christian; and Kenneth Hagin, and now Copeland, are widely respected as "leaders" in the movement. But even the old-time Pentecostals fell into these hysterical traps; there were "laughing revivals" and such in England hundreds of years ago. Any time you abandon the Bible as your sole and final source of authority, you're a sitting duck for Satanic deception.