Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Saeed speaks

Here is Saeed Abedini, the Iranian-born American pastor for whom the Christian world has been praying for so long.  We've discussed Saeed's situation at various times on this blog, but we've never heard from the man himself.  Here are two messages from this dear brother, recorded prior to his arrest, imprisonment, and torture in Iran; last year, he asked a visitor or family member to post these messages online.   The first is a brief recounting of Saeed's personal testimony of his conversion to Christ; the second is a heartbreakingly poignant message of encouragement to other Christians who are troubled or persecuted.



At the time Saeed made these videos, he did not know what lay ahead in his own life.  But, by all accounts, his inhuman brutalization by the Iranian Muslims has not lessened his zeal or his faithfulness, although it has brought him to the brink of physical death.  It is the duty and opportunity of those of us who remain free to pray for our dear brother's safety and release, and for his family; and for the other Christians being persecuted around the world.  Saeed Abedini's name may not be a household word in this frivolous, mad world, but I'm convinced that he's one of God's heroes.  He's certainly one of mine.

Jacob & Rebekkah, Saeed's children

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  1. Wow. Listening to his testimony and the second video made me see Saeed's captivity in a little different light. There is something different in him from the majority of today's Christians, something stronger, more dependent upon the Lord and more willing to really do what the Lord wants him to do, and not just pay lip service to Him. He has a powerful testimony and to whom much is given, of him much is required.

    These videos help me know how to pray a little better for him as well. He just became one of my heros too.