Friday, April 4, 2014

Asia Bibi: Update

There are new developments in the case of Asia Bibi, the young Christian woman sentenced to death for "blasphemy" in Pakistan in 2009. For the third time, the hearing of her court appeal has been postponed, as she languishes in solitary confinement in a Lahore prison, separated from her husband and five children. After prosecutors failed to appear in court for her two previous hearings, Asia's case has been rescheduled for hearing on April 14, ten days from now.  Christians are urged to continue in prayer for this woman and her family.

Asia Bibi's crime consisted of taking a drink of water while working in the fields on a hot summer day.  In June of 2009, while harvesting berries along with other women from her village, Asia, then 38 years old, was ordered by her co-workers to fetch some drinking water from a nearby well.  She obeyed, but paused to take a drink for herself.  Her fellow laborers were infuriated, because Asia is a Christian, and they said that it was forbidden for an "infidel" to drink the same water as a Muslim.  When the other women began to denounce Christianity, Asia stood fast, and said, "I believe in my religion and in Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for the sins of mankind. What did your Prophet Mohammed ever do to save mankind?"

That remark, as they say back home, "tied the rag on the bush." When word of her statement reached the men of her village, a riot broke out, and a mob (of men, naturally) came to her home, beating her and her family.  Lahore police took her into "protective custody," but she was immediately charged with blasphemy by the pious, gentle followers of "the religion of peace."  The Mohammedans, who constantly bleat that "there is no compulsion in religion," held a trial, but Asia's testimony in her own behalf was ineffective, because Islamic law only gives the testimony of a non-Muslim half the weight of a Muslim's words.  She was sentenced to death, and has been in prison ever since, awaiting appeal and/or execution.

If you're a Christian, please pray for this dear woman's upcoming hearing. (You can send her your prayers by visiting this site, which also includes a petition for her release.) If you're not a Christian, but simply an honest unbeliever who hates injustice, ask yourself why America's tax dollars are being given to the savage, barbaric nation of Pakistan, which permits this sort of thing. It's a good question, since her hearing will be held the day before America's tax deadline.


  1. Thank you for staying on top of these cases. I pray there are some positive developments for Asia, and Saeed, soon.

  2. I have and will continue to pray for this woman and her family.