Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sharia to Be Enshrined in British Law

Oh, to Be in England, 
Now that Sharia's there....

Well, not really.  Not unless you're a Mohammedan, and are intent on remaking the country into an Islamic Hell-hole:

From Breitbart News

"The Law Society has issued guidance on how to use Sharia Law in Wills,Trusts and Estates disputes in England and Wales. The guidance effectively enshrines Sharia into common legal practice for the first time and will make it easier to discriminate against women and non-believers. 

"The rules published by the regulator of solicitors in the countries, The Law Society of England and Wales, boasts that this is the 'first time guidance has been published for solicitors to assist them with the intricacies of Sharia succession rules, which is the code of law derived from the Quran and from the teachings and example of Mohammed.'

"On wills themselves, the document advises legal professionals that: 'Provided the will is signed in accordance with the requirements set out in the Wills Act 1837, there is nothing to prevent an English domiciled person choosing to dispose of their assets in accordance with Sharia succession rules'.

"Islamic rules on inheritance include the requirement to give a son twice as much as a daughter. Adopted and illegitimate children are not entitled to inherit anything nor are non-believers.

"The Law Society is officially a trade organisation for solicitors but in reality it has a much wider scope. It regulates Lawyers and can ‘strike them off’ its register, making it impossible to practice.

"Lawyers are required to pay a membership fee to the Society, whether they agree with its stance on things like Sharia or not.

"Conservative lawyers took to Facebook to complain to friends about the new rules, but none felt able to comment publicly because of the Law Society’s ability to end their careers."

Pay attention, Canada and America.

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  1. Any time a nation turns their back on God, and His Word, He turns them over to a LIE, or sends them a STRONG DELUSION that they would believe a lie and be damned because they loved not the Truth that they many be saved. I believe islam as sick and wicked as it is is the judgement of God on our God hating nations! It's already too late, our North American countries have LEARNED NOTHING from observing Europe's mass muslim immigration policies. Muslims will turn all western countries into the same HELLHOLES they themselves flee from. Muslims have learned nothing from following a debauched child raping prophet either!

    1. Thank you, my friend. You hit the nail on the head!