Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Iraq Prepares to Legalize Child Marriage

Well, it's happening again: the Mohammedans are salivating and thumping their chests in their zeal for child marriage (known in infidel circles as "pedophilia").  This time, however, it's going to be legal.  Not just according to Sharia Law (it always was), but by civil law as well, in the "democratic" nation of Iraq, brought to the world by George W. Bush and his allies. On February 25 of this year, Iraq's Council of Ministers (similar to the American President's Cabinet) approved the so-called "Ja'afari Personal Status Law," or simply the "Ja'afari Law," which would, among other things: legally establish nine years old as the female age of puberty; make girls nine and older eligible for marriage; allow marriage at an even earlier age with parental consent; require that all Iraqi wives submit to sexual relations at any time with their husbands; and, in cases of divorce, automatically grant custody of children, after the age of two, to the father.  A few brave Iraqi women protested the law, which still must be passed in parliament, on "International Women's Day," March 8; their protests were noted throughout the world - - - except, predictably, in their home country.

Needless to say, when we refer to "child marriage," we are not referring to  the "arranged marriages"of children, by their parents, such as are common in India and elsewhere; those are really betrothals, and do not go into effect for many years.  In the Muslim world, following the example of their "Prophet," marriage to a child means precisely that: cohabitation and sexual relations between an adult male and a little girl.  As countless Muslim imams have said, in precisely these words: "Muhammad is our model."

It should be noted that Iraq's current "personal status law" sets the age for marriage at 18, with a provision for marriage no younger than 15 in "exceptional" cases.  Furthermore, Shi'ites attempted to introduce an identical bill in 2003, just as the American incursion into Iraq had begun, but they were blocked by furious secularists.  Iraqis of the time were already aware of Saddam Hussein's "rape rooms," and were not eager to see "religious" justification given to even more horrific practices than the secular Saddam was allowing, or to offer up their little girls to the unspeakably barbarian lusts of the Mohammedans.

Once again, we see the true face of Islam; and we see what American troops bled and died for, so that an arrogant and misguided President could attempt to spread "democracy" to a region unprepared for it.  Iraq got its democracy, and its purple-thumbed voting rights, and are now using those rights to establish Sharia Law, as anyone could have predicted.   And, apart from the brave Iraqi women in the streets, international "feminists" have remained strangely silent on the situation.  So, in sum and in fine: George W. Bush got his war, Barack Hussein Obama is forging ever-closer ties with the Muslim nations, and the little girls born under the accursed crescent of Islam continue to scream and bleed and die.  Expect more of the same as "the Arab Spring" continues.

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  1. That is positively nauseating. There is something seriously wrong with those people.

  2. The idea of a (mature?) man lusting for a prepubescent child is nauseating, indeed. Where are the strident feminists? Where are the women who are always chastising men for not protecting their "rights" (abortion, free birth control, ad nauseum)?

    Oh, wait, that's right. The sex slaves of a Muslim nation has nothing to do with their own personal libido, so why should they care?

    I feel like weeping.