Monday, February 24, 2014

"Islam was not for me"

If the indescribably barbaric "religion" of Mohammedanism is ever to conquer the world, it will first have to murder its most effective and unanswerable critics: not Christians like me, not Jews or Hindus, not atheists, but those who have experienced Islam first-hand, as practitioners of the "faith," and turned away from it.  In this blog, we have already heard from such truly heroic figures as Mosab Hussan Yousef, the courageous and indefatigable Wafa Sultan,  and others.  We now hear from another such expert: Amil Imani.  An Iranian-born American citizen, Mr. Imani is an essayist, literary translator, columnist, and outspoken defender of human rights for the land of his birth.  He and his family escaped Iran after the radical Iranian revolution.  In his own words:


We will be hearing more from Mr. Imani in the future.  For now, his words in this video are absolutely essential, especially in light of the ever-worsening conditions in Iran.  His own website may be found here. We deeply appreciate his courage and honesty, and our prayers are with him and his former countrymen.

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  1. Good video! I admire him for the stand he's taking and I liked his description of the Koran, lol!