Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Littlest Terrorist

Although he is not likely to be here for very long, let us welcome to the world little Mahdi, a precious boy born last week in Lebanon.  In keeping with the traditional and demonic practice of putting their children on the front lines of battle, Mahdi's parents, like all faithful Mohammedans, have already dedicated his life to the cause of martyrdom for the savage desert god "Allah," and his "prophet" Muhammed.  They have gone so far as to dress him in military garb before he even left the maternity ward, and the hospital (and/or the Lebanese government) recognized and rewarded them for it:


There are people in the Western world who are so willfully blind and suicidal that they say "All religions produce terrorists and fanatics; Islam is no worse than the others."  This stupid, vapid lie can be disproven by a simple glance at any day's headlines, but in the case of little Mahdi, it becomes especially egregious.  Jewish communities celebrate parties and celebrations when a baby is born; Catholics and many Protestants have their "christenings" and "infant baptisms."  Other religions have other ways of rejoicing in new life.  But only the Mohammedans, who love death more than life, regard every newborn child as a potential "martyr," or, in the case of girls, a future piece of chattel property.

God save little Mahdi from his parents and his society.  This is no way for a life to begin - - - but it's the Muslim way.

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  1. That is just so wrong. May the true and living God (Jer 10:10) reward them according to their works. That innocent baby boy doesn't stand a chance.