Sunday, January 12, 2014

Ariel Sharon: Death of a Giant

In 1966, Hollywood produced a film entitled "Cast a Giant Shadow," starring Kirk Douglas, John Wayne, Frank Sinatra, and other top movie stars of the time. The film depicted the exploits of Mickey Marcus, the American Army Colonel who covertly assisted in Israel's war for independence, and later became the first General in the Israel Defense forces.  Marcus was a grand and towering figure, but the film's title could just as easily be applied to the life and legacy of Ariel Sharon, who died, following nearly eight years in a stroke-induced coma, on Saturday.  Sharon was the terror and scourge of Israel's enemies, and one of the greatest heroes in her modern existence. 

It is the purpose of this blog to glorify God, not mortal men.  But Ariel Sharon was one of the most valiant warriors in the tumultuous modern history of God's nation, Israel, and his passing deserves note.  One of the most controversial men of his times, Sharon served as a soldier, a General, a Defense Minister, and, ultimately, as Prime Minister of Israel (2001-2006).  His enemies called him a "butcher," and his allies called him "The Bulldozer" and "the Lion of Judaea," but, ultimately, he will be remembered both as a man of war, and a man of peace.  This is not the place for his biography, but his biography deserves attention.  In an age with few genuine heroes, Ariel Sharon was one.

Already, the Philistines, who call themselves "Palestinians," are joining their Arab brethren in a celebration of their favorite emotion: sheer hatred, and happiness at a Jewish death.  As they howl for "Allah" to punish and torture Sharon, and as they stage cowardly demonstrations in which they stomp and shriek like the maddened beasts they are, we note Ariel Sharon's passing with respect, calm, and thankfulness for his service to God's nation.  And with a simple rendition of his most beloved song.


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  1. I read and hear the hate spewed about this man, see and consider the source, and realize that he must have been something special to incite such animosity. God provided a worthy general to protect His Israel, just when and how that country needed protection.