Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Studies in Islam: Twenty Thousand Virgins?

Once again, the romantic nature of the followers of Muhammad manifests itself, in all its radiance.  Whereas popular belief indicates that "righteous" Muslims (if such a thing ever existed, or could exist) are rewarded with 70 virgins in Paradise (the men, that is), we now learn otherwise, from a noted and popular Islamic "scholar."  In this video, Saudi "cleric" Muhammad Ali Shanquiti reveals the true glories of the afterlife.


By the end of his homily, Ali Shanquiti quit counting at 19,604 virgins and servant girls for each male who enters Paradise; had the sermon gone on longer, God only knows (although I doubt He cares) what the total would have been.  Two things are instructive, however:  When a Muslim woman enters Paradise, she also gets 70 virgins, each of whom has 70 servant girls, all for her earthly husband's amusement.  And, as explained in the video, the numbers increase for the man, until "Paradise" becomes nothing but one everlasting orgy: which makes sense, insofar as this filthy, barbaric "religion" was built on the male desire for sex, and the Muslim male's utter contempt and hatred for women. The second point of interest is what these men and their harems will be doing in Paradise.  Will they be praising "Allah," and glorying in finally being in his presence?  No, they'll be having sex.  Ali Shanquiti goes out of his way to say "you can have sex with" all these women, and describes the demure virgins of Paradise as saying, "Oh servant of Allah, don't we get a piece of you?" My, what a charming and deeply spiritual "religion!"

Lust, death, and hatred: that is all that Mohammedanism has ever produced, and all it ever will produce.  When its followers wake up in Hell, they are not likely to be greeted by hordes of affectionate ladies.

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