Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hooray! Another new version of the Bible!

As the proliferation of "new versions" of the Bible continues unabated (over 250 English versions of the New Testament since 1881), with each as corrupt as the next, a young man unknown to me has produced a video that puts the whole silly mess into perspective.  I will not link to his YouTube channel, because I haven't examined it and therefore am not prepared to endorse it.  But, to give him his due, his YouTube name is "Plowshare Beater."  The video is very funny, but the factual statements he makes about the "new versions" are all accurate.  He's obviously done his homework, and knows that the Alexandrian Greek texts of the New Testament (as well as the mythological "Septuagint"), primarily Codex Sinaiaticus ("Aleph") and Codex Vaticanus ("B") are sub-Christian forgeries of God's word. We've addressed this matter in several posts, such as here and  here; if you haven't seen those posts, they'll explain this young man's wonderful, take-no-prisoners presentation.  God bless him: this kid (I speak as a man old enough to be his father) has more honesty and common sense than 99.5% of the professors in the "Christian colleges" of the Western world.


This diagram was not created by the same man, but gets to the same point:

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