Saturday, October 26, 2013

Stop watching us!

America has become a police state.  This horrible fact has been emphasized repeatedly on this blog, such as in Susie Castillo's account of mistreatment and molestation by the so- called "Transportation Security Administration" (TSA); but with the revelations of ubiquitous government surveillance by Edward Snowden and others, the issue is reaching critical mass.  At first, only the "Tea Party" conservatives were protesting this trend, and their protests were written off as "racism" against Barack Obama.  But Snowden's revelations, and those of numerous other "whistle-blowers," has now, finally, alarmed even the liberals, as will be seen in this video.  They stop just short of mentioning Obama by name (and, of course, Obama is merely using the tools given to him by his predecessor); but they are serious in their concern.


I should say that I have no respect whatsoever for the celebrities in the video; they are, in fact, some of the worst people in America.  But facts are facts, and truth is truth, whether spoken by Sarah Palin or the late Ted Kennedy.  When a liberal or a conservative says something foolish, he or she deserves only ridicule; when a conservative or a liberal speaks the truth, he or she should be given a hearing.  This is not a left/right issue.  This is the death of American freedom and privacy.  A concern that is shared by such disparate people as Ron Paul and Phil Donahue is not to be ignored.

Today, October 26 2013, mass gatherings are being held to protest government surveillance.  In a few days, Rep. James Sensenbrenner, a Republican, will introduce major legislation in the House of Representatives; accompanying legislation will be proposed in the Senate by Patrick Leahy, a liberal Democrat.  If these bills pass, they will most likely be vetoed by Barack Obama; but the effort is noteworthy.

Rep. Sensenbrenner was the original sponsor of the so-called "Patriot Act."  He's come a long way.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Why Women Shouldn't Drive Cars

As we've seen in a previous post, the spiritual leaders of the "religion" of Islam are so completely entrenched in their hatred and oppression of women that they don't even believe that females should be allowed to drive cars. Our earlier post featured a Saudi "cleric" explaining, in 2005, that driving an automobile will inevitably result in moral and spiritual breakdown for any woman who does it: to put it plainly, that women only want to drive so that they'll have more access to fornication.  That was eight years ago.  Now, the rationale has changed somewhat: less than a month ago, in an interview that is becoming a viral video, another Saudi "cleric" explains that women shouldn't drive because they're, pardon me, not anatomically constructed for such a task, and that driving will, pardon me again, damage or destroy their ovaries. In a religion that regards women as nothing but sexual slaves and bearers of children, this is of course a great concern.  But let this great and holy man speak for himself:


I really must apologize for the preoccupation with sex that so many of these posts about Islam exhibit. It seems that nearly every post on the subject has to do with gynecology, sexual slavery, or pedophilia, among other things.  But I didn't invent this foul excuse for a religion: the sex-obsessed madman Muhammad did, and it was quickly adopted by like-minded men, if men they can be called.  The only concerns of Mohammedanism are death, hatred, and sex.  I could concentrate on the preoccupation with death, by posting videos of beheadings and stonings, but I simply don't want to visit that kind of horror on the readers of this blog. 

This is a religion of slaves, sadists, and sex maniacs: I refer to the true believers, not the pleasant, smiling Muslim that you see in the supermarkets of the civilized world.  But those people (the "non-militant" Muslims, supposedly) are willfully endorsing and collaborating with the most foul, barbaric religion in history.

I'm not a NASCAR fan, but this sort of thing makes me want to cheer for Danica Patrick and her female colleagues throughout racing history.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hooray! Another new version of the Bible!

As the proliferation of "new versions" of the Bible continues unabated (over 250 English versions of the New Testament since 1881), with each as corrupt as the next, a young man unknown to me has produced a video that puts the whole silly mess into perspective.  I will not link to his YouTube channel, because I haven't examined it and therefore am not prepared to endorse it.  But, to give him his due, his YouTube name is "Plowshare Beater."  The video is very funny, but the factual statements he makes about the "new versions" are all accurate.  He's obviously done his homework, and knows that the Alexandrian Greek texts of the New Testament (as well as the mythological "Septuagint"), primarily Codex Sinaiaticus ("Aleph") and Codex Vaticanus ("B") are sub-Christian forgeries of God's word. We've addressed this matter in several posts, such as here and  here; if you haven't seen those posts, they'll explain this young man's wonderful, take-no-prisoners presentation.  God bless him: this kid (I speak as a man old enough to be his father) has more honesty and common sense than 99.5% of the professors in the "Christian colleges" of the Western world.


This diagram was not created by the same man, but gets to the same point:

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Democracy in America

With apologies to Alexis de Tocqueville for borrowing the title of this post, this is what America has become in the year 2013.  The video speaks for itself, but the text story gives the details.  These were not members of a phony "church" screaming "God hates fags," or rabble-rousers such as the Occupy movement; these were sincere Christians attempting to exercise their First and Fourth Amendment rights under the United States Constitution (freedom of religion, free speech, unreasonable search and seizure).  This didn't happen on the streets of New York City or Hollywood; this was in "the heartland of America." From the office of the President on down, America has turned its back on God, and God does not slumber or sleep: He's watching it all.


Church website: Lighthouse AnaBaptist.  Look for yourself, and see if these people look like criminals or troublemakers.  Anyone who claims that the United States is a "Christian nation" is astonishingly ignorant, or willfully blind.


Monday, October 7, 2013

What is God to you?

The Lord is my portion, saith my soul. - - -Lamentations 3:24

It is not "The Lord is partly my portion," nor "The Lord is in my portion"; but He Himself makes up the sum total of my soul's inheritance. Within the circumference of that circle lies all that we possess or desire. The Lord is my portion. Not His grace merely, nor His love, nor His covenant, but Jehovah Himself. He has chosen us for His portion, and we have chosen Him for ours. It is true that the Lord must first choose our inheritance for us, or else we shall never choose it for ourselves; but if we are really called according to the purpose of electing love, we can sing:

"Lov'd of my God for Him again
With love intense I burn;
Chosen of Him ere time began,
I choose Him in return."

The Lord is our all-sufficient portion. God fills Himself; and if God is all-sufficient in Himself, He must be all-sufficient for us. It is not easy to satisfy man's desires. When he dreams that he is satisfied, anon he wakes to the perception that there is somewhat yet beyond, and straightway the horse-leech in his heart cries, "Give, give." (Proverbs 30:15)  But all that we can wish for is to be found in our divine portion, so that we ask, "Whom have I in heaven but Thee? and there is none upon earth that I desire beside Thee." Well may we "delight ourselves in the that I desire beside Thee." Well may we "delight ourselves in the Lord" who makes us to drink of the river of His pleasures. Our faith stretches her wings and mounts like an eagle into the heaven of divine love as to her proper dwelling-place. "The lines have fallen to us in pleasant places; yea, we have a goodly heritage." Let us rejoice in the Lord always; let us show to the world that we are a happy and a blessed people, and thus induce them to exclaim, "We will go with you, for we have heard that God is with you."

- - - Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Morning and Evening

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Studies in Islam: Twenty Thousand Virgins?

Once again, the romantic nature of the followers of Muhammad manifests itself, in all its radiance.  Whereas popular belief indicates that "righteous" Muslims (if such a thing ever existed, or could exist) are rewarded with 70 virgins in Paradise (the men, that is), we now learn otherwise, from a noted and popular Islamic "scholar."  In this video, Saudi "cleric" Muhammad Ali Shanquiti reveals the true glories of the afterlife.


By the end of his homily, Ali Shanquiti quit counting at 19,604 virgins and servant girls for each male who enters Paradise; had the sermon gone on longer, God only knows (although I doubt He cares) what the total would have been.  Two things are instructive, however:  When a Muslim woman enters Paradise, she also gets 70 virgins, each of whom has 70 servant girls, all for her earthly husband's amusement.  And, as explained in the video, the numbers increase for the man, until "Paradise" becomes nothing but one everlasting orgy: which makes sense, insofar as this filthy, barbaric "religion" was built on the male desire for sex, and the Muslim male's utter contempt and hatred for women. The second point of interest is what these men and their harems will be doing in Paradise.  Will they be praising "Allah," and glorying in finally being in his presence?  No, they'll be having sex.  Ali Shanquiti goes out of his way to say "you can have sex with" all these women, and describes the demure virgins of Paradise as saying, "Oh servant of Allah, don't we get a piece of you?" My, what a charming and deeply spiritual "religion!"

Lust, death, and hatred: that is all that Mohammedanism has ever produced, and all it ever will produce.  When its followers wake up in Hell, they are not likely to be greeted by hordes of affectionate ladies.