Monday, September 9, 2013

Muslim Sex Trafficking in .... Minnesota?

A year ago, we looked at the horrible phenomenon of Muslim gang rapes in Sweden, a problem which, sadly, has only increased, not only in Sweden but throughout Europe (in England, for example).  Not only are gang rapes becoming pandemic, but it is well documented that in Syria, rebel groups are financing their activities, in part, through sex trafficking, exactly as they do in other countries.  Obviously, "the religion of peace" looks on women (or girls) as a lucrative commodity at best, and a wholly dispensable nuisance at worst.  And the followers of Muhammad who have emigrated to the United States are no different.

As the following video explains, a large group of Somalis have been conducting a sex trafficking ring in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area for a long time, and their activities have reached as far away as Tennessee.  Many of these are high school students, indistinguishable on sight from any other dark-skinned teenagers in America: in America.  But they have two things in common, besides kidnapping and pimping out little girls: they are all Somali, and they are all Muslims.  We do not claim that they are particularly "religious" Muslims; they're not.  But their attitudes and actions toward women are utterly and absolutely typical of the religion of Islam.  In their treatment of women, Muhammad would be proud of them.

Notice how the "newscasters" refuse to mention Islam, and only refer fleetingly to "cultural differences."  The prostitute press in America is so frightened of Islam that it never speaks the truth regarding the subject.


For the record, the defendants in this case had such fine old Irish and Germanic names asAbdifatah Jama Adan, Ahmad Abdulnasir Ahmad, Musse Ahmed Ali, Hassan Ahmed Dahir, Faduma Mohamed Farah, Idris Ibrahim Fahra, Abdullahi Hashi, Fatah Haji Hashi, Abdirahman Abderazak Hersi, Dahir Nor Ibrahim, Abdifatah Bashir Jama, Andrew Kayachith, Fuad Faisal Nur, Yasin Abdirhaman Yusuf and Mohamed Ahmed Amalle.

No matter the costume, no matter the continent, no matter the excuses made by the "tolerant, progressive" element, the facts are plain.  In the tiniest village in Pakistan or in the great cities of Europe and America, wherever Islam rears its barbaric head, this is the sort of thing you may expect to see.

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  1. And does anyone care?


    Yep, that's right. All we hear is silence from those who should speak out against this sort of crime.