Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Those Dark-Eyed Virgins Again

Although we've heard it all before, perhaps it's time for a refresher course on the subject of Islam's favorite subject: the foul, disgusting nature of the human female, as opposed to the sexual perfection of the dark-eyed virgins of "Paradise."  Many false religions make the mistake of worshipping a "goddess" (Wicca, Hinduism, Roman Catholicism); Islam goes to the opposite extreme, because of the sexual hangups of its demon-possessed founder, and despises femininity itself - - - except for the idealized, truly weird "femininity" described in the video below. But, before hearing from another Islamic "teacher," perhaps we should see how this nonsense is presented to the average Muslim, who might not have a scholarly cast of mind: just where do the dark-eyed virgins come from, anyway?  Why, bless your soul, it seems that the average filthy, nauseating earthly female can aspire to eternal perfection:


All it takes is a "martyr's" death, and the girl next door can become one of the "maidens of Paradise."  How else could it be?  Sex is not the only god of Islam: death is just as highly prized.

Of course, Christian men and women aspire to perfection in Heaven; but that's a bit different.  "Perfection," to a Christian, is not eternal sexual desirability; it is being in the Presence of his or her Creator and Saviour, Jesus Christ.  But Muslims don't have that hope, or even that aspiration: as seen (for the umpteenth time) in the following video, "Paradise" is to be understood as a place of constant sexual gratification.  Notice, please, how the Saudi "cleric" talks about women: it's all about menstruation and weakness and ugliness.  And children are listed with such "impure and foul things" as "feces, urine, and phlegm."  No, I'm not trying to be crude: listen to this wise and holy man for yourself:


But let's not be too quick to criticize this particular "scholar."  He's not dragging these things up out of his own depraved imagination; he is faithfully enumerating the teachings of the "Prophet" Muhammad, probably the most perverted and barbaric "religious leader" in human history. And this "cleric" is not a "terrorist" or an "extremist:" he's a typical Islamic teacher. This is Islam, in sum and in fine: lies, filth, and hatred.

* Mention might also be made of the female phallic image which encases the so-called "Kabba Stone" in Mecca. 

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  1. Wow. People who criticize the King James Bible as being "a bunch of fables" have evidently never heard the "holy man" in the second vid speak....