Friday, July 26, 2013

Soccer: No Substitute for Floggings

The Islamic zeal for blood, "vengeance," and the subjugation of women sometimes dips below the level of tragedy and horror, and becomes merely comical. Several months ago, we watched an Egyptian "cleric," Mahmoud Al-Masr, explain that participation in the game of soccer was, in fact, a Jewish plot, as outlined in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.  But he was talking about Muslim men and boys taking part in the sport.  Today, we have a more recent pronunciamento, from yet another "cleric" in Libya, who is utterly outraged over the possible creator of a girls' soccer team in his squalid little country.  Such sports, he seems to say, may be permissible for the sluttish daughters of "Jews, Christians, and Communists," but Islamic girls are made for flogging!


Although he's also upset about public drunkenness and such matters, as is understandable, I think he's being a bit harsh on these girls he so badly wants to flog.  "The filth of nudity and shamelessness?"  Really?  The picture below portrays some Muslim girls playing soccer in Morocco, although this particular "training camp" was also attended by visiting athletes (or would-be athletes) from Libya.  Believe me, "Sheik," I've seen "nudity and shamelessness," and this isn't it.

If the "Sheik" saw the picture below, he'd undoubtedly be scandalized by the bare heads and partially exposed legs; but, knowing Islam, I think what would bother him most are the simple, spontaneous smiles on the girls' faces.  In Mohammedanism, females aren't supposed to be happy.

In the meantime, the child rapes and child sex trafficking continue throughout the Muslim world.  But that's okay; they're simply following the example of Muhammad.  "The religion of peace" may appear insane, but it's not: it's simply evil and demonic, root and branch.  Soccer is the least of the Mohammedans' problems.

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