Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mariam's Story ... and Another

Sometimes, reading about the barbarities of the Mohammedan "religion" is astonishing.  Often, it's outrageous.  And sometimes ... well, sometimes it simply breaks your heart.  There are no words adequate to denounce these atrocities, and there is no condemnation strong enough for the "faith" that not only allows, but encourages them.  In the words of Shakespeare: "If you have tears, prepare to shed them now."

Mariam, pictured above, was a fifteen year old girl living in the village of Qusair, in western Syria. This month, the town was taken over by "Jabhat al-Nusra," just one of many jihadist groups fighting in Syria's current struggle. Mariam's family was able to escape the group's routine schedule of atrocities, but Mariam herself was less fortunate.  She was captured by the group, who were acting under an official Islamic fatwa issued by Sheik Yasir al-Ajlawni.  The fatwa stated that the rebels could rape "any non-Sunni Syrian woman," so long as the rapes were designated "temporary marriages."  ("Convenience marriages" are standard among Muslim soldiers, and perfectly legal in Sharia Law.)  The group's commander took Mariam, proclaimed her his "bride," and raped her.  The next day, he "repudiated" her, freeing her for "marriage" to another soldier.  She was immediately married/raped by another man.  The next day, he repudiated her, and the cycle continued. During the 15 days of her ordeal, Mariam was raped by 15 different men: all perfectly legal, and even "holy," for the fatwa had been proclaimed by a Muslim cleric.  When little Mariam's mind finally snapped, and she literally went crazy, the soldiers simply killed her.  Mariam's story has been widely publicized, but was first broken by agenzia fides, a Roman Catholic news service.

Someone says, "Well, that's horrible, but doesn't rape take place in every war?"  Indeed it does.  But only in Islam is it sanctioned and encouraged by the "religious" authorities and institutions.

Meanwhile, President Obama proclaimed his heartiest best wishes to Muslims everywhere in his Official Statement Honoring Ramadan, the Muslim "holy month" that Muslims refer to as "The Month of Jihad" or "The Month of Victory Over Infidels."  Obama's statement ended, "I wish Muslims across America and around the world a month blessed with the joys of family, peace and understanding. Ramadan Kareem."  I trust this was a comfort to Mariam's family.

Good Boy!

A month ago, before Mariam's ordeal, a little girl in Afghanistan (pictured below) had a "wedding" of her own.   She wasn't the victim of a group of soldiers enjoying a fatwa; she was simply the chosen bride of a local Mullah in the Khashrood district of Nimruz province in Afghanistan. This wise and holy religious leader was in his late 50s; his bride, whose name has not been divulged, was eight.

This is a difficult story to read, and I'm going to soften the details a little.  For some reason (undoubtedly poverty), the Mullah negotiated with, and then purchased, the girl from her parents (her father, really; women don't participate in business matters) as his second wife.  (He already had one wife, whose age is unknown.) Such bargaining and bride-purchasing is common in Afghanistan, where the United States is busy building a "democracy," and is perfectly in keeping with Islamic law.  So, the legal and social niceties having been completed, the Mullah took his new bride home.  Please read no farther if you wish to avoid the details.

He was very eager to consummate the marriage, but found that this was physically impossible, for he was, to use a euphemism, "well endowed," and his bride was eight years old.  So he simply fetched a knife and made the anatomical adaptations he deemed necessary.  (If you must read them, the details are found here.)  As he slaked his lust throughout the night, the little girl, whose suffering must have been unimaginable, bled to death.

The Mullah's actions were not questioned or prosecuted by his neighbors or the local authorities.  He was, after all, Muhammad's representative, and he was only following Muhammad's "model," as explained here

And the girl?  She was expendable.  In Islam, all females are expendable.  Let the press moo about the "moderate" Muslims; let Obama bleat about this "great and peaceful religion."  Just don't forget these children's faces.


  1. Such sad sad stories! I wish there was a way to rescue some of those girls!

  2. I just do not understand how people can do this to children, or any other being for that matter.