Monday, July 1, 2013

Canada Rescues Rimsha Masih

Finally, from the north, a report of good news in the continuing war against Islamic barbarity.  Today is Canada Day, the official celebration of Canada's birth as a separate country within the British Commonwealth (July 1, 1867).  No better time could be found to publicize the very recent news contained in the following video:


Rimsha, an eleven year Down Syndrome girl living in Islamabad, Pakistan, was surrounded last August by hundreds of hysterical Mohammedans, and then formally arrested, after she supposedly burned a few pages of a Qaida, a "learning guide" containing texts from the Koran.  (The original story can be found here.) After it was proven that she had been framed by an Islamic "cleric," she was finally released, and spared the death penalty, in September. (Needless to say, no charges were filed against the "cleric" who framed her.) She her family have been moving from place to place in Pakistan, in search of safety, ever since.  Then, in March, by the grace of God, they were allowed to move to Canada, but Rimsha's presence there was only announced within the past week.

So, despite the best efforts of a lying "mullah" and thousands of Mohammedans willing to follow his lead in attempting to kill this child, she has finally found freedom and peace in Canada.  Christians around the world praise God for her deliverance, and applaud Canada's courage in accepting her.  Now, our prayers will continue for Asia Bibi, Saeed Abedini, and all the other Christians currently imprisoned by the savage followers of the "prophet" Muhammad. 

Happy Birthday, Canada, and God bless you!

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  1. Rimsha should have a promising future here. I'd love to hear of just that a few years down the road, after she's grown. I'm reminded of Kim Phuc.