Monday, June 24, 2013

Studies in Islam: Wife Beating 201

One of the most fascinating things about Islam is not its barbaric and sub-human practices, but the pride its followers take in those practices.  The following video, in which "Kuwaiti Scholar Jassem Al-Matawa" cheerfully explains the rationale behind wife-beating, is a case in point.  (Hint: women are masochists.) Originally broadcast throughout the Arab world in 2002, according to the Assyrian International News Agency, the wretched thing has been floating around ever since; it was re-broadcast in Saudi Arabia in 2006 and again this year.  But now that "the religion of peace" is attempting to conquer England, we should not be surprised to learn that it was aired on the London-based Iqra TV in April.  "Allah" forbid that the Mohammedans now swarming into England should miss anything as important as an excuse for the abuse of women.

There's nothing new about Muslim hatred of women, of course; we've already addressed that particular issue in our earlier Studies in Islam, Wife Beating 101 and Wife Beating 102. But, in order to keep our curriculum up to date, we hereby offer one Mohammedan "scholar's" works, as re-broadcast in the English-speaking world within the past two months.


How do the lies, perversions, and prevarications so smoothly presented in the above video work out in practice?  Just ask Rania Al-Baz of Saudi Arabia.  Rania was not a peasant woman living in a remote village at the time her husband decided to apply a little "discipline:" she was a successful and well-known news reporter on Saudi television.  But, no matter her station in life, Islam is clear: a woman is an object, and absolutely nothing more.

And  what do non-Muslim Britons (those who have the guts to speak out) have to say about the filthy, demonic "religion" that produces such teachings?  One Englishman who has refused to be cowed is Pat Condell.  A professional atheist, he would not feel at home in this blog, nor would he be featured here in another context; but in these remarks, he's got it right:


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