Sunday, June 9, 2013

Mickey Mouse: the Fatwa

Oh, no!  This blog has never hesitated to point out the bloodthirsty and unforgiving nature of Islam, but this is too much!  Is it possible?  According to that noted scholar of "the religion of peace," Muhammad Al-Munajid of Saudi Arabia, even the humble mouse, the tiny, dainty quadruped that has contributed so much to scientific inquiry and human understanding, is a "little corrupter," an arsonist, and is "one of Satan's soldiers, and is steered by him."  But that's not the worst: in this video, the noble cleric actually declares a fatwa against .... oh, it's too horrible!  What will we tell the children?

Aha! I have experienced a sunburst of illumination!  At some point in Islamic history, the Mohammedans became aware that, in the West, there is such a thing as a church mouse!  That explains everything!



  1. One can only wonder what they will think of next.

  2. They're serious about this? I mean, Mickey Mouse is a CARTOON character, and they're discussing how he should be killed?

    Talk about not having a grip on reality...

  3. In fairness, ladies, it must be noted that, after many comments such as yours rained down upon his head like the gentle dew of Heaven, Imam Al-Munajid made a second video, in which he acknowledged that Mickey was a fictional character, thus expressing more of a sense of reality than most Mohammedan "clerics." I did not post the second video because it was merely a five-minute apologia for the great and noble Koran, entitled "Response to Media Propaganda about Killing Mickey Mouse." I chose not to inflict it upon the readers of this blog.

    To paraphrase the old joke about women preaching: "When a Muslim cleric attempts irony, it's like a dog riding a bicycle: it's not surprising that it fails, but that it tries at all."