Saturday, June 29, 2013

Are you in the Bible?

Are you in the Bible?  I don't just mean your name, like "Mary" or "David" or "Stephen;" after all, millions of people throughout the West have Biblical names.  But what about you, the individual: James Russell or Deborah Evans or Jésus Martinez or whatever your name may be?  Are you in the Bible?  The answer is yes ... although maybe you've never thought about it.  But you can find yourself there, if you try, and it will change your life.

It doesn't even take much searching, or much imagination.  The Bible refers to you many, many times, and yes, when God wrote it, He had you in mind: you, specifically.  But, like any author writing about individuals in large groups, He used pronouns, like "he," "she," or "they."  You're used to this in everyday life: when you read that taxes have just been raised for your income group, the report doesn't say "Edward Sloane's taxes will increase in 2016," but Edward Sloane knows it's talking about him!  You see a road sign, it doesn't say "Sally Adams' Speed Limit 50 km/h," but Sally Adams knows she's included.

So, when you read the Bible, there are places where you can and should insert your own name.  Obviously, not in historical places, like Moses talking to the children of Israel; I can't read it "And Moses saith unto William...."  But in other places, it works.  And it can be electrifying.

I don't know your name, so I'm going to continue to use imaginary names in this post.  When you see one, simply replace it with your own name ... and read the passage that way.  This isn't a game: this is what the Bible really means.  It really is talking about you.

Try this one, for a start: For God so loved Danielle Markham, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn Danielle Markham; but that Danielle Markham through him might be saved (John 3:16, 17).

If your name is Danielle Markham, that should send a chill down your spine.  Substitute your own name, and it will: because that verse is talking about you, whether it uses your name or not.

Again: The LORD is Juan Ramos' shepherd; Juan Ramos shall not want. He maketh Juan Ramos to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth Juan Ramos beside the still waters. He restoreth Juan Ramos' soul: he leadeth Juan Ramos in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake (Psalm 23: 1-3). 

If "Juan Ramos" has received Christ according to John 1:12, and been born again, that's a totally new passage.  In fact, let's just stay with this random name for a moment: Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto Juan Ramos, Except Juan Ramos be born of water and of the Spirit, Juan Ramos cannot enter into the kingdom of God. That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. Marvel not that I said unto Juan Ramos, Ye must be born again (John 3:5-7).

If you insert your own name into such passages, they come alive, don't they?  Unfortunately, you might not always find this a comfortable experience.  (I emphasize that none of these names belong to real people with whom I'm acquainted; they are chosen at random.) If you're not a believer in Jesus Christ, try this:

As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one: There is none that understandeth, there is none that seeketh after God. Linda Robinson has gone out of the way, Linda Robinson has become unprofitable; there is none that doeth good, no, not one. Linda Robinson's throat is an open sepulchre; with Linda Robinson's tongue Linda Robinson has used deceit; the poison of asps is under Linda Robinson's lips: Linda Robinson's mouth is full of cursing and bitterness: Linda Robinson's feet are swift to shed blood: Destruction and misery are in Linda Robinson's ways: And the way of peace has Linda Robinson not known: There is no fear of God before Linda Robinson's eyes (Romans 3:10-18).

Put your own name in that passage, and you'll have a small glimmer of how your Creator sees you, and how you'll be judged, if you don't receive Jesus Christ as your Saviour.  That's not my opinion; that's the Bible.  You just hadn't made it personal yet.

Let's look at one last passage, and then start inserting your name in the Bible in other places where it might replace a pronoun.  If you're a born again Christian, this applies to you ... and if you haven't received Christ yet, this can apply to you.  Forgive me if, in this case, I use my own name:

Referring to Jesus Christ: He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief: and William hid as it were William's face from him; he was despised, and William esteemed him not. Surely he hath borne William's griefs, and carried William's sorrows: yet William did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted. But he was wounded for William's transgressions, he was bruised for William's iniquities: the chastisement of William's peace was upon him; and with his stripes William is healed. All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and the LORD hath laid on him the iniquity of William (Isaiah 53:3-6).

 And of you ... if you'll receive Him as your Saviour.  What a Christ!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Glory of God

To Him be glory both now and forever. - - -2 Peter 3:18 

Heaven will be full of the ceaseless praises of Jesus. Eternity! thine unnumbered years shall speed their everlasting course, but forever and for ever, "to Him be glory." Is He not a "Priest for ever after the order of Melchisedek"? "To Him be glory." Is He not king for ever?--King of kings and Lord of lords, the everlasting Father? "To Him be glory for ever." Never shall His praises cease. That which was bought with blood deserves to last while immortality endures. The glory of the cross must never be eclipsed; the lustre of the grave and of the resurrection must never be dimmed. O Jesus! thou shalt be praised for ever. Long as immortal spirits live--long as the Father's throne endures--for ever, for ever, unto Thee shall be glory. Believer, you are anticipating the time when you shall join the saints above in ascribing all glory to Jesus; but are you glorifying Him now? The apostle's words are, "To Him be glory both now and for ever." Will you not this day make it your prayer? "Lord, help me to glorify Thee; I am poor, help me to glorify Thee by contentment; I am sick, help me to give Thee honour by patience; I have talents, help me to extol Thee by spending them for Thee; I have time, Lord, help me to redeem it, that I may serve thee; I have a heart to feel, Lord, let that heart feel no love but Thine, and glow with no flame but affection for Thee; I have a head to think, Lord, help me to think of Thee and for Thee; Thou hast put me in this world for something, Lord, show me what that is, and help me to work out my life-purpose: I cannot do much, but as the widow put in her two mites, which were all her living, so, Lord, I cast my time and eternity too into Thy treasury; I am all Thine; take me, and enable me to glorify Thee now, in all that I say, in all that I do, and with all that I have."  

- - - Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Morning and Evening

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Just another day in America

When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but
 when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn. (Proverbs 29:2)

Not in the United States of America, they don't.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Studies in Islam: Wife Beating 201

One of the most fascinating things about Islam is not its barbaric and sub-human practices, but the pride its followers take in those practices.  The following video, in which "Kuwaiti Scholar Jassem Al-Matawa" cheerfully explains the rationale behind wife-beating, is a case in point.  (Hint: women are masochists.) Originally broadcast throughout the Arab world in 2002, according to the Assyrian International News Agency, the wretched thing has been floating around ever since; it was re-broadcast in Saudi Arabia in 2006 and again this year.  But now that "the religion of peace" is attempting to conquer England, we should not be surprised to learn that it was aired on the London-based Iqra TV in April.  "Allah" forbid that the Mohammedans now swarming into England should miss anything as important as an excuse for the abuse of women.

There's nothing new about Muslim hatred of women, of course; we've already addressed that particular issue in our earlier Studies in Islam, Wife Beating 101 and Wife Beating 102. But, in order to keep our curriculum up to date, we hereby offer one Mohammedan "scholar's" works, as re-broadcast in the English-speaking world within the past two months.


How do the lies, perversions, and prevarications so smoothly presented in the above video work out in practice?  Just ask Rania Al-Baz of Saudi Arabia.  Rania was not a peasant woman living in a remote village at the time her husband decided to apply a little "discipline:" she was a successful and well-known news reporter on Saudi television.  But, no matter her station in life, Islam is clear: a woman is an object, and absolutely nothing more.

And  what do non-Muslim Britons (those who have the guts to speak out) have to say about the filthy, demonic "religion" that produces such teachings?  One Englishman who has refused to be cowed is Pat Condell.  A professional atheist, he would not feel at home in this blog, nor would he be featured here in another context; but in these remarks, he's got it right:


Friday, June 21, 2013

News of the Day, 6.21.13

Once again, although this is not a news blog, it seems appropriate to take note of certain items of interest.  Not the manifold scandals involving the Internal Revenue Service, the National Security Agency, or the Benghazi Embassy attack; those are continuing stories which are better covered elsewhere, in unending detail.  Rather, let us focus our attention on some of the truly significant stories that have gotten lost in the journalistic shuffle:

1. In Brooklyn, New York, one-year-old Dillon Miller, whose less than diligent parents were otherwise occupied, crawled out the window of the family's second-story apartment onto the awning of a frozen yogurt shop, and rolled to the edge, where he clung to the awning for dear life before losing his grip and falling.  By the grace of God, he fell directly into the outstretched arms of Cristina Torre, 44, daughter of legendary baseball manager Joe Torre. It is unknown whether Ms. Torre inherited her skill from her father, who had been a catcher for the Braves, Cardinals, and Mets; but, in any case, young Dillon was unharmed, although understandably disgruntled.  His parents, Sam Miller (23) and Tiffany Demetria (24), were subsequently arrested for child endangerment.  Maybe Ms. Torre would like to adopt....

Player of the Week
2. Residents of the Village of Lewiston, a suburb of Niagara Falls, New York, are outraged by the Village Board of Trustees' refusal to assume responsibility for snow removal and road maintenance on Primrose Lane. "This is a complex situation," commented Mayor Terry Colesano, his eyes darting about nervously.

3. Simon Parkes, Labour Councillor for the Stakesby on Whitby (U.K.) Town Council, is claiming that his marriage is undergoing stress due to his ongoing affair with an alien named Cat Queen.  Although the relationship has been going on for years, things became particularly problematic when Cat Queen gave birth to their half-human, half-alien child Zarka. “It’s a personal matter and it doesn’t affect my work," says Parkes. "I’m more interested in fixing someone’s leaking roof or potholes. People don’t want me to talk about aliens."  One might speculate that Parkes' Labour Party really doesn't want to talk about them.  Cat Queen has been unavailable for comment.

4. In Houston, Texas, three armed burglars locked the sole occupant of the house in a closet, then proceeded with their leisurely pillage of the house.  A few minutes later, the resident escaped from the closet, which doubled as his gun cabinet, and opened fire on the "home intruders."  He has not been charged with any crime.

5. In a study conducted by the prestigious Public Policy Polling for National Geographic,  52% of those surveyed said that they preferred dogs to cats; 21% preferred cats; and 18% expressed a desire to own a pet dinosaur.
6. Senior relief pitcher Eric Ruth of the Winthrop University Eagles (Rock Hill, South Carolina) has been signed as a free agent with the New York Yankees, and has reported to the Yankees' farm club in Tampa, Florida.

7.  A stork escaped from the San Diego Zoo.
8. In Cornwall, England, a man wearing a see-through mask robbed  a convenience store/petrol station.  He was apprehended within 48 hours, and sentenced to two years in prison.

The Napoleon of Crime

9. Lily's China Bistro of Carson City, Nevada, scored 100 points on its most recent health inspection.

10.  In Rome, a Baalite imposter, who died in 2005, is on the verge of being officially declared a "saint" by the Roman Catholic Church.  According to RCC sources, the late Karol Wojtyla, alias Pope John Paul II, has now performed two miracles in response to the prayers of those gullible enough to pray to him. This makes him eligible for "canonization," after which he will be a "saint" worthy of the reverence and adoration that, in the Bible, is reserved for God alone.  Vatican sources remain curiously silent on the fact that, in the New Testament, every man or woman who has received Jesus Christ according to John 1:12 is already a saint; nor have the Romans emphasized 1 Timothy 2:5: For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus.  Wojtyla's elevation to the status of official idol could come as early as autumn of this year.

"Worship me now!"

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Chatting about the Bible, Part IV

This is the final installment in Dr. Sam Gipp's informal discussion of the King James Bible (unless he decides to do another one!).  As he talks to his young friend, he addresses a number of crucial issues: Do the "new translations" of the Bible really get rid of the archaic words in the Authorized Version?  When we find a word in the KJB that we don't understand, how are we expected to handle it?  And, more importantly, how does God handle it?  The real question, which underlies this entire subject, can be stated quite simply: we all have a version of the Bible that we "prefer."  But - - - if you dare ask the question with an honest heart - - - which version does God prefer?


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Christian and Depression, Part V

In our most recent post in this series, we said that we'd soon be discussing the various treatments for Major Clinical Depression, and addressing some of their strengths and weaknesses.  Before getting too specific, however, we need to review a few things, and remind ourselves of a few other things, that are absolutely crucial in dealing with this subject.  This blog is not a "self-help" book, much less a clinical text: it's simply the words, carefully considered, of one Bible-believing Christian to other Christians, who may or may not be suffering from this particular disease, and it's important that we keep our perspective.  Here are a few "bullet points" that we simply can't allow ourselves to overlook:

- - - In the first place, these posts are primarily addressed to women and men who have received Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour according to John 1:12, and have been "born again" as Jesus defined the term in John 3:3-7.  Depression, of course, knows no racial or religious or national lines; it can and does afflict all kinds of people, young and old, male and female.  But I'm writing to my brothers and sisters in Christ because I know the issues and problems they face in this life, and I've dealt with Depression as a saved man for at least twenty years.  There are many, many resources available for all kinds of people, including non-Christians; but in this series I'm addressing my own "family."

- - - Whoever you may be, reading these posts, you probably don't suffer from the specific medical condition known as Major or Clinical Depression. I say this because, although Depression is a widespread illness, "experts" say it only affects perhaps 9.5% of the American population.  So, if you're in the other 90.5%, you don't have the disease, and God forbid that I should cause you any concern or worry!  Everybody feels "depressed" or "low" at times; that's not what we're talking about.

- - -  If you happen to suffer from this condition, let's be blunt: you (and I) have a mental illness.  (Specifically, we have a problem with the way our brains process certain naturally-occurring chemicals.)  But there's a difference between being mentally ill and "crazy" or "insane." Although Depression is classified as a mental illness, it is caused by entirely physical factors, and is a genuine medical condition.  It's no more "imaginary" than the pain of an abscessed tooth or the hormonal changes that occur in our lives at different times.  If your family or your Christian friends don't understand this, they're simply ignorant.  They love you, they usually try to understand you, but they lack information.  Pray for them, but don't let them make you feel "weak" or guilty!  

- - - If you're a Christian who knows someone suffering from this disorder, you should educate yourself about it and try your best to be sympathetic and helpful.  Not "sympathetic" in a saccharine, sentimental way, but understanding and supportive in a practical way.  Your Bible doesn't tell you to scoff at those who have mental or emotional problems: it says, "comfort the feebleminded." (In our day, we think of "feebleminded" as retarded or unintelligent, but the King James Bible uses the term to cover the whole range of mental issues.) Now we exhort you, brethren, warn them that are unruly, comfort the feebleminded, support the weak, be patient toward all men (1 Thessalonians 5:14). 

Did you get that?  Those are the words of God, not of a psychiatrist or "liberal" preacher.  And notice the balance in the verse: warn them that are unruly .... The Bible doesn't say that we should put up with all sorts of nonsense from people who aren't behaving the way they should: the "unruly" and "feebleminded" in this verse aren't the same group of people.  But in cases of illness, including mental illness, we need to deal with our brothers and sisters the way God has equipped us to deal with them: But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law (Galatians 5:22, 23). If you know someone who is suffering from a mental or emotional condition, do you lecture them and tell them to "just get over it, get right with God?"  Or do you exhibit love, and longsuffering, and patience, and all the rest?  Think about it, pastor.  Think about it, spouse.  Think about it, parent.  If you're dealing with a person who's hurting, how much of Jesus Christ do you display?

- - - If you're a Christian who may be suffering from Major, Clinical Depression (the symptoms are found here), you need to get help: professional help.  You need to talk to at least two people: your pastor, and your primary care doctor.  (I refer here to medical doctors; "alternative therapists," such as chiropractors, may be of some use to someone, but they can't help with Depression.  Sorry, but just taking St. John's Wort isn't going to do the job.) If your pastor is unsympathetic, and simply lectures you about your shortcomings, you need to find another pastor.  (As we emphasized in our first post, even evangelical and fundamental pastors are coming to see this as a real problem - - - but not all of them.  Some old-time preachers used to say that their job was to "Comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comfortable."  That's a good job description!  But if you're Depressive, you're one of the afflicted.  You don't need a pastor heaping more guilt on you - - - and, on the other hand, you don't need a "liberal" pastor who discards the Bible and tries to "play psychiatrist," even if he has a seminary degree in "Pastoral Counselling."   You should avoid that kind of preacher like the plague, because he's a hypocrite and a phony. For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple [Romans 16:18]. But, again: there are plenty of hard-core, Bible-believing pastors who understand that Depression is an illness, and can help you from a spiritual perspective. Your job is to find one!)  Your primary care physician can determine whether or not you should be referred to a psychiatrist.  We can't emphasize this enough: you need both. 

 - - -If you're a Christian who suspects that you're suffering from Major Depression, don't try to treat yourself.  Don't go to the "Christian bookstore" and load up on books by such self-proclaimed "experts" as Tim LaHaye or James Dobson (both good men, but not qualified to diagnose anybody, especially not strangers).  Don't turn on your radio and listen to the "Minirth-Meier Clinic" (now called "New Life Live!"), and expect to get a diagnosis.  They may know a lot about mental illnesses, but they don't know you.  You need face-to-face spiritual and medical counsel.  There are some forms of therapy that involve "homework," which you do by yourself, but this is always under the personal supervision of someone who knows you.  You need to have someone you can look in the eye, and with whom you can exchange questions and answers.

- - - Finally, don't despair.  As we've said repeatedly, you may have a mental illness.  That doesn't mean that you've "failed God," or that you're a "bad person."  It means that you have a condition that can be successfully treated, and it won't last forever.  But Jesus Christ didn't and doesn't have a mental illness, and, as much as possible, with the help of the Holy Spirit and your Bible, you need to keep your eyes on Him.  He's the Healer; these other people are His instruments.  Of course, I understand - - - God knows I understand! - - - that your biggest temptation is to focus on yourself, and your problems, and your struggles; that's true of everyone, but especially those of us who have a mental or emotional disorder.  But if you're a Christian, you have the same Holy Spirit Who created the universe - - - and created you - - - inside your body.  You're not alone!  It may not be easy, but you need to spend as much time as possible reading the Bible and talking to Jesus.  If the Bible doesn't seem to help, keep reading it: don't stop taking your spiritual medication!  If your prayers don't seem to get past the ceiling, then believe God's promises that He hears you - - - whether it feels like it or not.  Just don't make the mistake of "isolating," and doing nothing but reading and praying; isolation is a great temptation for you, and it's not what you need.

Be encouraged!  There are multiplied thousands of born again, Bible believing Christians who are in exactly your position, all over the world: you just haven't met them. Referring to Satan, the Bible says, Whom resist stedfast in the faith, knowing that the same afflictions are accomplished in your brethren that are in the world (1 Peter 5:9). When the Enemy tells you you're all alone, don't argue with him; just remember that verse, and pray for your brethren who are suffering with you.

And remember: ...all things are for your sakes, that the abundant grace might through the thanksgiving of many redound to the glory of God. For which cause we faint not; but though our outward man perish, yet the inward man is renewed day by day. For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory; While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal (2Co 4:15-18).

Depression is a nightmare, but it's not going to last forever!


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Chatting about the Bible, Part III

Is belief in the unique authority of the King James Bible a matter of the ridiculous, or a matter of the miraculous?  What if King James adherents suddenly switched to another version: would their new allegiance be respected?  And how do two very different groups of Christians approach the Bible itself?  Those questions are addressed in this, the third episode in Dr. Sam Gipp's discussion with students about the King James Bible.  He makes certain matters uncomfortably clear....


Friday, June 14, 2013

Muslims Behead 10 Year Old "Spy"

Here we are again, looking on the true face of Islam. Have we been surprised by what we've seen so far? Yes, if we were naïve enough to believe all the talk of "moderate Muslims" and all the blathering of the Western intelligentsia, such as the press and the university professors; but not if we've studied the "religion" of Mohammedanism for ourselves, and understand its true nature.  Here's the latest story from the Taliban in Afghanistan (or at least a very recent story; who knows what might be happening right now?).  Western politicians and mainline ecumenical "clergy" will cluck-cluck and say, "Oh, the 'militants' don't represent true Islam," but that is, quite simply, a damned lie.  The Taliban and the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas are the most faithful and consistent followers of Muhammad on earth. 


11 Jun 2013

The Taliban beheaded two boys, one 10-year-old and one 16-year-old, after the Taliban charged them with spying. The boys were rummaging among rubbish bins near police headquarters in Kandahar, Afghanistan’s second city, a vital base for Western forces. Grabbed by the Taliban, they were accused of trading the food for information. After they were interrogated by the Taliban, their heads were cut off. The bodies were found in Kandahar’s Zhari district..

Western officials said the boys were trying to find food that Western forces had thrown out. They said the ten-year-old was extremely poor and was known to rummage for food to feed his family. It is believed that the executions were a warning to other children not to co-operate with the Coalition forces, but reaction was swift from the public; thousands of people vented their outrage on Twitter.
Jamal Agha, the chief of Zhari district, said: “The boys were on their way back when they were stopped by Taliban insurgents who beheaded them. Both of them were innocent children and had nothing to do with government or foreigners.”
Dr Toryalay Wessa, Kandahar’s governor, ordered security forces and police to find the Taliban responsible for the killing “with whatever casualties it takes and at whatever price.” 

Taliban spokesman Qari Yousef Ahmad denied the allegations. He said there were no beheadings. But last July, in the same area as the newest beheadings, a 16-year-old boy who was also accused by the Taliban of spying was beheaded and skinned.  In August, a seven-year-old girl and 12-year-old boy were kidnapped and beheaded.

Well, at least they didn't actually skin their victims this time, as they did last July. Perhaps they're "mellowing," after all.  But it probably didn't seem that way to these starving children, slaughtered by faithful adherents of "the religion of peace."

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Chatting about the Bible, Part II

As promised, here is the second installment in Dr. Sam Gipp's discussion with a group of college students regarding the King James Bible.  In this conversation, some crucial issues concerning the matter are discussed, with a group of young people who are not particularly sympathetic to Dr. Gipp's position.  The discussion will continue in subsequent posts.


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Studies in Islam: Gynecology 102

The barbarity and savagery of the "religion" of Islam cannot be overstated or exaggerated, and, sadly, new examples become public on a daily basis. This particular matter has been addressed in this forum before, but this widely-reported story raises the dreadful, very sensitive subject again. This is Islam, and all the lies of its apologists cannot restore the life of the child pictured below.  Anyone who hopes to "accommodate" Islam is a traitor to the human race.

Egyptian girl dies undergoing circumcision

from al-arabiya, June 10, 2013

Suhair al-Bata’a, a 13-year-old Egyptian girl, has died undergoing circumcision at a village in the Daqahliya governorate northeast of Cairo, Egyptian media reported on Sunday.
“We left our daughter with the doctor and the nurse. 15 minutes later, the nurse took my daughter out of the operation room to a nearby room, along with three other girls whom the doctor was circumcising,” Mohammed Ibrahim, a farmer, told Egyptian daily al-Masry al-Youm.
“I waited half an hour, hoping that my daughter would wake up, but, unfortunately, unlike the rest of the girls, she did not,” he said.
The doctor who circumcised Suhair had previously circumcised her elder sister two years ago.
“I want nothing but to hold the doctor accountable and to have justice for my daughter,” Suhair’s mother, Hasanat Naeem Fawzy, told the newspaper.
The police ordered an autopsy and summoned the doctor to find the cause of the young girl’s death.
A health inspector report said the cause of the death was due to “a sharp drop in blood pressure resulting from shock trauma,” the family’s lawyer, Abdel Salam, told al-Masry al-Youm.
Egypt's National Council for Women condemned the deadly incident of female circumcision as a criminal act that reflects “extreme savagery,” calling on the government to investigate the issue and punish the culprits.
UNICEF Egypt has also condemned the incident, saying female circumcision has neither medical nor religious justification.
Abdel Wahab Suleiman, undersecretary of the Ministry of Health in Daqahliya said that the Health Directorate had not yet been notified of the incident and described female genital mutilation as being against the law.
In 1996, Egypt criminalized female genital mutilation; however, many families still illegally circumcise their daughters. In 2009, Egyptian authorities arrested a man for illegally circumcising an eleven-year-old girl, the first time since the ban was introduced.
Suhair al-Bata’a, 13

Chatting about the Bible

"What's the big deal about the King James Bible?"  That's a question often heard by those of us who believe that the Authorized Version is God's final, and perfect, propositional revelation in the English language.  This has become one of the hottest topics in modern Christianity; but why?  What's the big deal?

Many, many books have been written on the subject, either explaining why the KJB is so special, or saying that it's antiquated and irrelevant, and that you should buy any of the 250+ English version that have been published since 1881.  But Dr. Sam Gipp, who is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced experts on the subject, has made it his business to simplify the issue.  Dr. Gipp is an evangelist, author, publisher, and founder of the Friend to Churches Ministries.  He is widely revered for his friendly demeanor, his sense of humor, and his indefatigable defense of the truth.  Although I do not know him well, I have met him, and in 43 years of the Christian life, I believe that he is the hardest working man I have ever met, in any occupation.

Along with his friends Andrew Garcia and Jonathan Marshall, Dr. Gipp has produced a series of brief videos in which he discusses some of the issues with a small group of college students.  Here is the first: the others will be posted subsequently.  I hope you find them of interest!


NOTE: The use of Dr. Gipp's videos on this blog does not imply Dr. Gipp's approval
 or endorsement of all the blog's content, and proprietary rights remain with Dr. Gipp. 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Mickey Mouse: the Fatwa

Oh, no!  This blog has never hesitated to point out the bloodthirsty and unforgiving nature of Islam, but this is too much!  Is it possible?  According to that noted scholar of "the religion of peace," Muhammad Al-Munajid of Saudi Arabia, even the humble mouse, the tiny, dainty quadruped that has contributed so much to scientific inquiry and human understanding, is a "little corrupter," an arsonist, and is "one of Satan's soldiers, and is steered by him."  But that's not the worst: in this video, the noble cleric actually declares a fatwa against .... oh, it's too horrible!  What will we tell the children?

Aha! I have experienced a sunburst of illumination!  At some point in Islamic history, the Mohammedans became aware that, in the West, there is such a thing as a church mouse!  That explains everything!


Friday, June 7, 2013

A Friend for Israel

Until recent decades, it has always been the case that the United States was Israel's greatest ally in the world: indeed, probably her only ally.  From the day that Harry Truman recognized Israel as a nation in 1948, to Richard Nixon's stand against the Soviet Union during the Yom Kippur War of 1973, America has always been there for Israel, both in terms of supplying material assistance, and defending Israel from her enemies at the United Nations.  But that's changed, probably starting with Jimmy Carter's administration; although Reagan supported Israel, he was primarily concerned with waging war against Communism on other fronts.  Recent Presidents, such as the Bushes, Clinton, and Obama, have all attempted to push the "road map for peace" toward a "two-state solution," trying to placate and satisfy both the Israelis and those calling for a "Palestinian state."  Obama, for example, talks a good game when he's addressing Jewish groups, but he is essentially and fundamentally anti-Israel, and pro-Palestinian.

Not so Stephen Harper, the current Prime Minister of Canada.  Although Harper is no more flawless or infallible than any other politician, he has vociferously and consistently supported Israel throughout his political life - - - far more than any recent American President, although of course Canada can't provide the same levels of aid as America.  Here he addresses his bilingual constituency during the 2011 Canadian federal election:


Barack Obama would gargle with battery acid before he'd make a statement like that.  But Harper's zeal for Israel's welfare wasn't just an election gambit.  In recent days, he has been even more outspoken on the issue.  From The Wall Street Journal of May 16, 2013:

"Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper criticized what he characterized as weakening support for Israel among western nations at an event in the U.S. on Thursday.

"'There is nothing more short sighted in Western capitals in our time than the softening support for Israel,' he said at an event at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York. Israel, he said, 'is the one strong stable democratic western ally that we have in' the Middle East.

"Mr. Harper didn't specify any countries or give examples of what he termed softening. Critics of U.S. President Barack Obama have at times accused the administration of not backing Israel forcefully enough. The White House has said repeatedly that its commitment to Israel hasn't diminished. Some European nations have been increasingly critical of Israel, in particular over the building of new settlements in the West Bank. 

"A White House representative didn't immediately return requests for comment. In a visit to Israel last month, Mr. Obama told Israelis in a speech that he is the 'president of a country that you can count on as your greatest friend.'"*

Yes, that's how Obama talks when he's addressing the Israelis directly: just as when he addresses his own countrymen, he lies.  (And, as we've seen in a previous post, the President seems somewhat confused as to who America's "greatest friend" is.) But Harper wasn't addressing a Jewish group: he was talking to the Council on Foreign Relations.  Canada is fortunate to have a leader who speaks the same truth to every audience, and who stands for Israel when so many would destroy her.

*by Alistair Macdonald. Copyright ©2013 Dow Jones & Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved.