Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Why Muslims Hate Jews

In a January article in The New York Times, one of the paper's resident propagandists explained a particularly vile bit of anti-Jewish vitriol voiced in 2010 by Mohamed Morsi, currently the President of Egypt.  The implication made by the Times author was that Morsi's remarks were an example of  "anti-Israeli sentiment [which] was running high after a three-week conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza the previous year."  No offense, Jews, the Times seemed to be saying; Morsi's statements were made in the heat of the moment.  He's really one of the good guys.

Happily, this absurd apologia for Jew hatred has now been given the lie by Evelyn Gordon, writing in Commentary magazine. The Times author, David D. Kirkpatrick, seems to have fudged his facts: he gave the impression that Morsi's comments were made soon after the Israel - Hamas conflict, when, in fact, they were made at least a year (or perhaps two) after the conflict ended.  Naughty, naughty, Mr. Kirkpatrick: it's not nice to deceive your readers, simply to cover up the eternal, abiding hatred of the followers of Muhammad.

Here is an except from one of two public speeches, very similar in content, to which the Times referred.  This man, I repeat, is now President of Egypt, the finest flower of the "Arab Spring:" 


Anyone familiar with Islam, of course, knows that this attempt to sugar-coat Morsi's hatred is the purest moonshine.  Arab and other Muslims do not hate Israel because of any land dispute, real or imagined; they hate the Jews because they are Jews, just as they hate Christians for being Christians.  A much more honest and straightforward expression of "the religion of peace" can be heard from the lips of the noted Egyptian "cleric," Muhammad Hussein Ya'qub, who smiles and gesticulates like a harmless old uncle as he displays the true face of the religion of death and Hell.


One can believe the New York Times, or one can believe the followers of Muhammad themselves; one cannot do both.  But that's typical of the Western media: abject and craven apologists for the slaves of the no-name god "Allah," as those slaves continue their latest crusade to conquer and destroy civilization itself.

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