Saturday, May 18, 2013

Obama's War on Christianity Continues

It is becoming increasingly, glaringly apparent that the President of the United States, and his appointees, are pursuing an anti-Christian agenda that would do a Muslim or a Marxist proud.*  The Administration is currently embroiled in a set of scandals, any one of which would have toppled any previous President; but such matters as the ongoing Benghazi cover-up and the administration's illegal wiretaps of employees of the Associated Press are not specifically aimed at Christian groups or individuals.  Other actions, however, are prima facie anti-Christian in their intent and effect.  If President Obama is simply trying to distance himself from the false piety of his predecessor, he's going to extraordinary lengths to do it.  It is more likely that he simply bears a personal animosity to traditional Christianity, and is determined to attack it at every opportunity, always using underlings, of course, so as to maintain his charade as a "Christian" himself.

Item: As reported in a recent post, the family of Uwe and Hannelore Romeike left their native Germany simply because they wanted to home school their children, who were being bullied and taught in a manner offensive to the Romeike's traditional Christian beliefs.  But homeschooling has been illegal in Germany since the days of Hitler, and the parents soon found themselves facing harassment and fines (the equivalent of around $10,000 USD).  Naively believing that the United States was still a free country, they moved here in 2008, and in 2010 were granted political asylum by a United States Immigration judge.  In May of 2012, however, the Board of Immigration Appeals, part of the Department of Homeland Security, ruled that the Romeikes had no right to asylum, and must return to Germany.  The family waited for a year for the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals to overturn the BIA's ruling.  Within the past week, the Court sided with the Obama Administration, and said that the Romeikes had to go.  This was after the CIA, the FBI, and the DHS, had all decided that the Boston bombers, who were militant Muslims and not homeschooling Christians, did not constitute a threat to the "security of the homeland." The people of Boston might not agree that the Romeike family is particularly sinister by comparison.  The Romeikes are appealing to the Supreme Court.

Item:  One of the other current scandals, the Internal Revenue Service audits of conservative and Republican groups, which is outrageous enough in itself, has now been revealed to have involved Christian individuals and organizations, too, and in particularly egregious ways.  When communicating with Christian anti-abortion groups, the IRS even demanded to know the content of one group's prayers.  (The group's activities included standing across the street from abortion clinics, praying, but not exhibiting garish signs or accosting individuals at the clinic. At one time in America, this was known as "freedom of assembly" and "free speech.") The IRS questionnaire to this group included the following:

When questioned on this specific point during the ongoing Congressional inquiry, Acting IRS Commissioner Steven Miller (who has since been fired, so that the President can distance himself from his own administration's misdeeds), had this to say:


Item:  The IRS scandal, however, was not confined to anti-abortion or "Tea Party" groups.  The IRS also audited the Rev. Billy Graham, his son Franklin, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, and Franklin Graham's universally-respected relief organization, Samaritan's Purse.  This prompted Franklin Graham to write a letter of protest to the President, and share the letter with the Politico website. The motivations for these bullying tactics were apparently twofold: the BGEA had encouraged voters to "support candidates who base their decision of biblical principles and support the nation of Israel;" and both Grahams had publicly endorsed Gov. Romney's candidacy, although as private citizens, not speaking for their organizations.

The IRS subsequently made a public apology for targeting such groups (although it is unknown whether the President replied to Franklin Graham's letter), but Obama himself refused to make any apology, or even comment on the matter, except in hypothetical mode: "if this happened, it would be outrageous," etc.** Once upon a time, there was another Democratic President who famously declared that "The buck stops here." The current incumbent, however, simply sent forth his feckless, stammering Press Secretary, who was quickly called out by one reporter on Obama's equivocation:


Although depressing, it is not surprising that a President would use the IRS against his enemies; it's been done before, and will be done by other Presidents.  But why does President Obama seem to consistently assert himself against Christians?  The Romeike case had nothing to do with politics, or elections, or the IRS.  President Obama's State Department does not attempt to protect such Christians as Saeed Abedini or Asia Bibi from persecution, even when the United Nations or the ACLU speak out on their behalf.  President Obama has now been in office for nearly five years; and, especially since his reelection, has demonstrated time and again his contempt for Christianity, and the followers of Christ.

I wish the IRS would ask me for the content of my prayers! I'd tell them that I pray for the health and well-being of the President and his family, and that God would grant him wisdom and strength - - - and that God would save his soul, and those of his underlings.  I don't pray for revolution or resistance; I pray that the government would leave me and my fellow Christians alone, so that we can live our lives and serve our Saviour in peace. (Romans 13, 1 Peter 2)

I am not "railing" against the President: that would be contrary to scripture.  I honor his office and pray for his soul.  But when he strikes out against Christians, or God's nation, Israel, the Bible does not obligate me to be silent.

One more thing, a personal note to my fellow Christians: Please, let's not start yammering about "persecution."  In America, we're not being persecuted yet; there are millions of our brethren around the world who are suffering the real thing, and we should pray for them, more than we do for ourselves.  Persecution has not yet come to this nation; but when it does, it will likely come from someone not unlike President Obama. 

*No, I'm not claiming, as some do, that the President is a Muslim.  That his economic policies are informed by doctrinaire Marxism, however, is a more likely assertion.

**UPDATES: Newly discovered information indicates that the President not only knew about the IRS audits in advance, but either suggested or agreed to them.  Furthermore, the May 21, 2013 edition of the notorious right-wing, fundamentalist publication The Washington Post reported that the targeted audits had already begun as early as a year ago (May 2012). On the same day, the ultra-conservative Los Angeles Times reported that the head of the IRS Tax-Emempt Division will invoke the 5th Amendment, which protects a defendant from self-incrimination, when she testifies before Congress about targeted audits going back as far as 2010.  In a rare show of press solidarity, the editorial board of the New York Times condemned the Obama Administration on May 22 for its illegal wiretaps of the phones of Fox News reporters.  And, on May 24, veteran journalist Michael Isikoff reported for NBC News that Attorney General Eric Holder personally directed a search of a Fox TV reporter's e-mails.  This story is the gift that keeps on giving, the scandal that never ends, and further updates on this blog would be superfluous.  We are dealing with the most corrupt administration in American history. 


  1. There's not much to add to that post other than "amen."

  2. There are many groups who claim to be persecuted, but Christians have had unrelenting persecution going on for over two centuries. We're in good company, though, as the Jewish people have been facing persecution and worse for centuries.