Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Happy Birthday, Pastor Saeed

As noted elsewhere in this blog, here and there, American pastor Saeed Abedini has been imprisoned in an Iranian Hell-hole, for the "crimes" of sharing his Christian faith in private homes, and attempting to start orphanages for Iranian children, for 233 days - - - the start of an eight-year sentence.  Pastor Saeed has said, in personal correspondence, that his captors are waiting for him to renounce his Christian faith, which he does not intend to do.  As we've said repeatedly, these are the same Muslims who constantly and piously claim that "there is no compulsion in religion."  

Today is Pastor Saeed's 33rd birthday.  (I could mention another Man who was persecuted during His 33rd year on this earth, but that would probably be considered "inflammatory" by those Westerners who fear the displeasure of the world's Mohammedans.) According to reports, his health is suffering, and yesterday he was once again refused a visit from his father and one of his young children.  That's what we call "Muslim Family Values."

We can't wish Brother Saeed "happy birthday" directly, but we can redouble our efforts in prayer on his behalf.  Saeed serves the same God who delivered Paul and Peter from prison - - - but also allowed them both to be martyred.  His ways are altogether just, but we pray for mercy on Saeed and his family - - - and on his bestial captors.  His testimony in prison will bear some fruit there, even if he never sees it in this life.

Take care of him, Father!

UPDATE: Three days after his birthday, it has now been reported that Pastor Saeed has been released from solitary confinement, and is now in the general population of the prison.  Details of this change, and words of reaction from his wife, can be found here. Christians are encouraged to continue in prayer for this brother and his family, and to thank God for His faithfulness.


  1. Amen. Happy birthday, brother!

  2. Happy Earthly Birthday, Brother Saeed!

    It's a shame that our government is allowing this AMERICAN CITIZEN to languish and rot in a prison overseas. And I offer double shame on the media that won't pursue this miscarriage of justice. I guess a Christian pastor doesn't merit attention or concern.

    I'm off my soapbox now...