Thursday, May 16, 2013

"Don't put away that Bible!"

In a recent post, we discussed the hatred and fear that so many people have of God's word, the Bible.  Using a certain "conservative" television personality as an example of such Bibliophobia, we addressed the fact that people throughout the Western world, primarily unbelievers, can't even bear to hear the Bible quoted, and we mentioned that many professing "Christians" have similar attitudes.

But that's the Western world, where people are pampered, spoiled, and educated beyond their intelligence.  Although Muslims hate God's word, and Jews have little use for the New Testament (I apologize to my Jewish friends for mentioning them in the same sentence with the Mohammedans), others in less "developed" areas than the West do not have the same hatred of the word of God.  Although they may not yet be Christians, they have a deep-seated, God-given yearning for the truth - - - a yearning which puts many of us to shame. (Others are certainly Christians, but have never owned a copy of the Bible in their lives.) For example, I'm a Bible believing Christian, saved according to John 1:12 and John 3:3-7, and I genuinely love the Bible .... but you wouldn't always know it by the way I spend my time.  If you're a Christian, look at your Bible, over on the table or the desk, and look at your television, and look at your computer: which of the three occupies more of your time?  Which of them do you go to with eagerness, or at least for relaxation or recreation?  If you're like me, the answer might not be comfortable.

But here's a group of people who haven't been raised with three or four Bibles gathering dust on the shelf. They happen to be Chinese; they could just as easily be African, or from some other area.  They've just received a shipment of Bibles from a missionary group.  Look at their reactions.  Study their faces.  I wish that I could translate their comments, but the faces tell the story.

Is this how you and I treat the Bible?  An interesting question.....


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  1. Awesome. They're acting like they've just received a love letter from home.... and they have!