Monday, April 15, 2013

Studies in Islam: Rape in Theory and Practice

Here are two reports, not unrelated, that demonstrate once again the savagery and sexual insanity of the followers of Muhammad.  In the first story, we have a report of a fatwa issued by the distinguished Saudi "cleric" Muhammad al-Arifi, explaining the necessity and desirability of rape by Mujahideen "soldiers" fighting in Syria.  Although soldiers in any army, in any era, experience certain "romantic" deprivations while stationed on foreign fields, this is merely a part of military life, and is a hardship to be endured in the line of duty.  (This hardship is often alleviated by the dubious comforts of professional prostitutes, but those are consensual relationships.)  But special rules apparently apply to Muslim "soldiers," who are, according to their "Prophet" Muhammad, the most noble and flawless of men.  Thus, "intercourse marriages" are encouraged by the Mohammedan clerics.  As the following video suggests, the victim of such a "marriage" is often required to accommodate multiple rapists; this practice, among such non-Muslim groups as the Hell's Angels and other outlaw groups, is called "pulling a train."  But in Islam, it is a religious duty, not only for the rapists, but for their victims, whose non-compliance will prevent them from entering Paradise:


The report mentions critics of this barbarism, but quotes no Islamic objections.  The reporter also mentions that the "Reverend" al-Arifi issued an earlier fatwa stating that girls should remain with their fathers until they marry, which wasn't such a good idea for three-year-old Lama al-Ghamdi, who was raped, sodomized, and tortured to death by her father, another Saudi "cleric," who served an entire month in prison for his actions.  

But offering ecclesiatical sanction to rapists, or even prescribing rape as a religious duty, is hardly necessary; it's like giving bats permission to fly, or sharks permission to swim.  Mohammedan men do it anyway.  The following video, widely circulated on Arabic television this month, shows a group of Egyptian men gang-raping two Christian women.  (The video is horrific, but not sexually graphic.)  As the women scream, one hears the men shouting "Nasara," which is the Koran's invidious term for Christians; and, of course, "Allahu Akbar:" Muslim men seem to think that "Allah" is very great indeed for allowing them to rape anyone they please.  Many Muslims protested that the video was a "hoax," but this oft-repeated claim is given the lie by the very fine writer Raymond Ibrahim, on his site "Islam Translated."


That's Islam: "the religion of peace," so beloved of George W. Bush and Barack Obama, and so unspeakably atavistic to anyone who cares about such trivialities as human decency.  It is the most evil "religion" ever conceived by the mind of man, and it is high time that anyone claiming to be a civilized human being avows this.

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