Saturday, March 2, 2013

The U.N. vs. Israel

On Wednesday, Feb. 27, speaking at a United Nations conference in Vienna (comically termed "An Alliance of Civilizations"), Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan delivered another of his bizarre and hysterical denunciations of Israel, saying at one point that Zionism is a “crime against humanity.”  This was a bit over the top, even for the assembled U.N. onlookers - - - aren't Zionists part of humanity? - - -  and was particularly uncomfortable for Secretary of State John Kerry, who hemmed and hawed for a while, then muttered that the remark was "objectionable," and that the Obama Administration doesn't endorse Erdoğan's choice of words. (Kerry was being disingenuous, of course, in that Obama's is the most anti-Israel administration in American history; but diplomats aren't supposed to endorse that sort of language.) However, it did not dissuade him from making a diplomatic stop in Turkey.  The subject is likely to be raised later this month when President Obama finally elects to visit Israel.

But in truth, Erdoğan's sentiments, if not his words, were entirely representative of the United Nations' attitudes toward Israel, as explained in this video, from the ever-sensible Dennis Prager:


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  1. The UN has become a damaging organization. They have seriously outlived their usefulness.

    Israel reminds me of the kid in school that everyone picked on. God will look after His own, however.