Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Studies in Islam: Dealing with Rejection

Once again, the gentle and sentimental face of Islam is revealed, this time in the case of a 14-year-old girl named Gasitina, who had the misfortune of living in the Kunduz province of Afghanistan.  "Gisa," as she was known to her friends, had followed the dictates of her heart, instead of the imperatives of Islam, by rejecting a marriage proposal from an adult man who was also, according to The Daily Mail, "a close relative." After repeated entreaties and threats against her father, who honored his daughter's wishes by refusing to sanction the marriage, the rejected suitor took the only course of action one could expect from a follower of Muhammad.  One day in late November, as she was gathering water from a village well, Gisa was set upon by her would-be husband and another man (also a relative), and very nearly decapitated with a large knife.  

Within days, the incident had been verified by Amnesty International, and the story broke worldwide this month.  Many of the details were reported in The Daily Beast (an online incarnation of Newsweek) and other publications, but it was largely reported as an example of "Afghan oppression of women," and such terms as "Islam," "Muslims," and "Mohammed" were carefully avoided.   

Such oppression is is a very real phenomenon, of course: this was the 15th fatal attack on a girl or woman in the Kunduz province alone in 2012; some of the victims were younger than Gisa.  Throughout Afghanistan, "honor killings" and other violent crimes against females of all ages have been pandemic in Afghanistan, even though the mighty Obama has, supposedly, vanquished the Taliban.  But let's not be coy, shall we?  This is not an Afghan problem; such atrocities occur regularly in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Yemen, and every other Islamic country.  It's not that Afghans are a uniquely malicious people; they are merely followers of an indescribably malicious and barbaric "religion."  Little Gisa, and all her sisters, are not the victims of Osama bin Laden; they are victims of Muhammad, the stupid, bloodthirsty, sex maniac who has probably brought more misery to this world than Hitler and Stalin combined.

The United States Congress, and various world agencies, have of course condemned such atrocities.  But none, alas, have managed to resurrect a single one of the women of Islam. As long as this hideous, atavistic "religion" is practiced, there will be Gasintas without number.


  1. "Honour killing" is an oxymoron. She was a pretty girl. 15 fatal attacks is more than one a month this year alone, in that area. What happened to the father? Was he killed too?

  2. No, Laura, the parents were left alive to grieve. Anyway, men aren't killed over such trivialities in Muslim countries.