Thursday, November 1, 2012

Studies in Islam: "a beautiful boy"

Once again, we observe the Islamic interpretation of the Biblical text, Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings thou hast perfected praise (Matthew 21:16).  Inasmuch as these are Mohammedan "babes," however, the verse is not applicable, because the squeals and screams of Muslims are not in praise of the true and living God, but rather of a savage desert "deity" who was worshipped before Muhammad's grandparents were born.  We begin with the words of the "child preacher" Ibrahim Adham, as broadcast over Egyptian television within the past two weeks:


Needless to say, when a Muslim cleric fawns over a child as "a beautiful boy," the kid ought to run just as fast as he can; but six-year-old Ibrahim, bless his relatively innocent heart, probably hasn't made that painful discovery yet. Earlier this year, in May, a boy who could be Ibrahim's big brother also appeared on Egyptian television, with the following homily:


This is all part of the "Arab Spring" that has brought such peace and happiness to the Mideast recently, and about which Western liberals wax so rhapsodic.  It is interesting that the well-rehearsed sing-song chant of little Ibrahim includes curses directed against Barack Obama, as well as Ariel Sharon and George W. Bush.  The current President of the United States, who proclaims himself a Christian, may venerate "the great and peaceful religion of Islam," but his ardor seems unrequited. (We note, once again, that the author of this blog does not believe the canard that "Obama is a Muslim."  He's not my idea of a Christian, but I won't deny his own profession.) Some folks have a rematkable capacity for self-deception.

But personalities are not important: only hatred, death, and all the other fruits of Islam, with which the West is becoming so familiar.  Whether the boys featured in these videos grow up to be typical Imams, or whether they die before they reach their teens, they will have been nothing more than stooges of the most barbaric and evil "religion" in human history.


  1. Little Ibrahim hasn't completely lost his innocence yet, but he's well on his way. The Muslims who are brainwashing these kids are exploiting them just as the Western politicians do, only to a greater extreme. Sad.

  2. Child abuse. Compare these little darlings to children singing "Jesus Loves Me".

    The children above advocate killing in their god's name, the Christian child sings of how much his God loves him.

    And some try to say that Christians and Muslims are the same...???